What kind of jobs requires a Security+ certification?

In this digital era, businesses and organizations are constantly moving towards building a better IT infrastructure. As the amount of data increases exponentially every day, it does not come as a shock that it becomes more and more important to the world to ensure perfect cybersecurity systems. This definitely means that people who work in the IT security field have a very stable and secure future. Not only is their skillset very relevant in today’s age but it also seems that it will remain in demand in the foreseeable future. CompTIA certification of security+ is an internationally recognized certification which validates an individual who possesses it as someone who has a thorough understanding of cybersecurity rules. Not only does CompTIA certification ensure that people can identify security problems, but it also ensures that they can also address them. We would definitely suggest everyone get security+ certification training in order to jump-start their career and to have practical troubleshooting and security problem-solving abilities. This article discusses some of the most lucrative jobs and opportunities that come with CompTIA certification.

Information Security Analyst

The field of Information Security Analysis offers a plethora of jobs and opportunities including, but not limited to, data security and Engineering new security systems. One of the key aspects of an average information security analyst’s job description is installing Fireworks and antiviruses to ensure a solid framework for the security of networks. You can use this as a gateway to a career such as certified ethical hacking. Once you have acquired security+ certification training, you will get to know that this is a very vast field and getting CompTIA certification of security+ is only a beginning to much more advanced alternatives like Infosec Analyst roles. This can open a lot of opportunities for you, you might end up coming up with new ways to protect data to keep your clients safe.

Penetration Tester

Penetration testing is probably the most exciting career field in Information Technology security. Penetration testing is basically an unauthorized attack on and network to figure out the flaws in its security system. It is carried out to ensure that the system is capable enough to defend itself from any unauthorized attack from an outsider. A pen tester looks out for security flaws and tries to exploit it. The difference between pen testing and ethical hacking is the fact that ethical hacking can be far more destructive, and it is not authorized whereas Pen testing is. Getting paid to basically try and destroy things is very appealing to some and rightly so. Your CompTIA certification can definitely land you an entry-level job in this field from where you can climb the ladder to a specialized role, or you can combine your security+ certification training with some of the other courses like CEH to get a better position directly.

Application Support Analyst

Even though your security plus certification training will be immensely important for this, you will also need applications specific experience to get your hands on an application support analysis job. In this job, you basically work with the end user to assist them over the phone, e-mail or any means of communication in order to enhance the consumer experience. Not only will this job require you to have a good grasp over the application you are talking about, but you will also have to put yourself in the client shoes and think where they are coming from. You must possess a good amount of knowledge about other application regarding practices and procedures. In this particular job, it is required of you to be a good communicator and exceptional at getting your message across.

Military industrial Infosec jobs (IT specialist)

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Junior Network Administrator

As a junior network administration, one of your primary duties will be to ensure that all of the computers are operating smoothly without any hiccups. This would mean that you will find yourself rebuilding systems time and again. You will ensure that you do not slack off whenever a computer system needs an upgrade. You will also be responsible for ensuring a list of stock items which might be necessary for repairing computer systems and networks. Even though the junior network administrator does not seem very fulfilling and a very lucrative job, it can pave your way to a lot of exciting opportunities. You can definitely climb up the ladder to gain a more authoritative and valuable position in the firm.

Jobs yet to exist

One of the best aspects of having CompTIA certification and security + certification training is the fact that some of the jobs that you might end up doing in the future do not even exist today. With fast-paced Technologies like that of Artificial Intelligence and self-driving Cars, the possibilities are endless. However, like always, with such massive steps in innovation comes greater risks too. To cater to these risks, people with expertise in cybersecurity will be demanded by the market. So, if an individual gets CompTIA certification in Security+, immense growth in Artificial Intelligence etc. might create a new kind of job for them.