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What kind of qualities employers are seeking in 2020

Every year brings some latest substantial trends and changes in the recruitment industry, to keep up with the well-qualified employees. There is a constant rise reported in many people looking for job employment daily, and this is creating difficulties for many employees to secure their job choice. Though some of the job seekers take exemption to this because they are updating themselves with the core attributes that employers are looking for. This way, you will be easily identified among the applicant’s pool.

But what could be the latest skills or abilities companies are pursuing in 2020? What kind of qualities are employers seeking in 2020 before hiring personals for their companies? The answer might vary as it depends on the hiring teams as they have different perceptions, but these days, one of the most demanding jobs is software developer jobs.

We have selected carefully some of the trending traits and qualities HR personals are looking for are listed below;

  1. Communication Skills

Communicate effectively with colleagues, seniors, and other staff is essential; the industry does not matter in it. In this digital age, every employer must be well aware of the way how to convey and receive messages; in person or through other mediums. Every employer needs a person who can effectually articulate their intents to the team in the best understandable manner. This trait will help you get hired, offered a promotion and can be successful all through your job journey.

Let us say, and there are two candidates for the same position, one could answer with no hesitations and points to support it. Whereas the second candidate might know the answer but could not efficiently communicate to the interviewer.

  1. Time Management

Life is getting busier than ever, and this digital era could be the reason for it. The distractions are going where there is no end, and this affects the pace of workflow constantly. This is the reason why employers prioritize Time management traits during interviewing employees. Why?

On average, this is reported that employees wasted 8 hours each day doing tasks unrelated to their assigned jobs. This is how productivity can be lost its way; companies have lost billions in time wastage according to surveys. This makes employers to actively pursue the people who can handle multiple projects and hardcore deadlines and can overlook annoying distractions.

You can practice and learn how to manage your time and transform it for productivity.

  1. Business Writing

Almost every job needs some writing expertise, whether you have to draft simple emails or generate detailed reports. So the ability to express clearly with the written expertise can be the best quality that will help you in getting the job you are looking for. A study conducted in 2016 concluded that nearly 73% of employers are looking for a candidate with strong written skills, and this number is not small certainly.

Once you get the role you need; your strong grip over the business and creative writing skills can help you perform your job more productively.

If you are looking for a course that can help you in learning something new about business writing. You can create an account on Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn and get enrolled in courses. Good Luck!

  1. Goal-Oriented

If you are good at setting goals and know how to hit them, make sure you have listed them in the Resume and mention in the interview. You can talk about how you set the goal of starting a blog and hoard massive readers; tell them the way you gain your goal. You can also enlighten your interviewer that goals have a significant place in your life so far. There must be confidence in your gestures and tone, as employers like confident people. This shows how much you are confident about what you are saying, even if you do not possess it.

  1. Technical Skills

Technical skills directly get connected with the particular business line, and it does not matter how unskilled you are for the job you have applied. But you must have a little knowledge about the position you were going for an interview. It does not matter how many other attributes that you have; technical skills cannot be neglected.

For instance, if you are applying for the post of web developer and you have good leadership, teamwork, and communication skills but you lack the basics of HTML, coding and other languages; this is equivalent to nothing. Employers prefer candidates with some basic knowledge about the job they have posted.

  1. Leadership Skills

However, you are not in a formal management department, but leadership qualities are highly valuable in the job securing time. No matter you are going to lead the project or just setting a constructive tendency on the team, you will be working with.

World Economic Forum report explained the future of jobs in 2020 that employers are seeking actively about some of the surfaced skills.

Yes! They have cited People management in their report and emphasize on it. The report explained, this leadership skill includes identify the best people for the tasks; they can motivate them well and mentor them in their careers.

  1. Hard & Soft Skills

Besides the management and leadership jobs, you must have some hard and soft skills. In a job, there are lots of jobs available; based on visual graphics, app development, web design, digital marketing, and so on. These jobs need proper hands-on experience about the skills mandatory for the jobs.

Some of the most demanding hard and soft skills for 2020 and beyond are;

Hard skills employers looking for

  • Cloud Computing
  • Data presentation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile App development
  • Network security

Soft skills employers looking for

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Collaborating with the team

Personal qualities in demand

  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Determination
  • Work ethics
  • Eager to learn new skills

Your Resume must have these qualities and Traits

This is obligatory to include these qualities and any skill in your resume and cover letter. You should add in particular about;

  • Use keywords from the job posting description, describe your skills in your resume
  • Describe how your skills and abilities can meet the employer’s needs, you can add it in your cover letter
  • You should also demonstrate these qualities verbally during your interview
  • Better be prepared in providing examples of how you have improvised these skills in past jobs.

Final Words

For sure, this is a comprehensive list by no means that specific employers are seeking, can run the selection easily. Holding some or all of the above-explained skills can impress the employer at any stage during the interview. You must pen down all of your qualities in your Resume and drop in your cover letter. You should also show them practically whenever you got a chance during an assessment or interview session. Remember that every single employer needs a progressive result for the resourcing they are spending. So, get up and start taking action today and land in your dream job in 2020. Be confident, and show how much capabilities you have that can help them eventually. And besides all skills you already have; try to keep yourself update with the latest versions. In this technology age, everything is modifying in a minute, and it has become a necessity to keep yourself upgraded with the latest technologies and trends.


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