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What Lingerie Is Best for My Body Type

Every woman inside her heart longs to look incomparable. This desire is rooted in our very nature and cannot be blamed in any way. So, regardless of age, social position, background, or occupation, every woman is worthy of looking and being great.

What concerns the looks, with a variety of clothes and underwear it has not become easier to choose what suits you particularly.

For this reason, we are eager to make the topic of body types and lingerie clearer. In this short article, we will analyze how the type of body can hint you about what kind of underwear to choose to maximize all of your pluses and minimize the drawbacks and find out how to purchase women’s leather lingerie of the highest quality at MarieMur – one of the top rated places to shop online. So, let’s go exploring.

Correlation of Women’s Body Types and Lingerie

Our bodies might change with age and during different seasons of life, but it is not an excuse to wear something unbecoming. Pieces of lingerie should fit into the occasion, environment, be both comfy and appealing to your husband. There is plenty of ways to look beautiful or emphasize your most prized assets: if it is a narrow waist, go for panties with a high waist; if it is a sculptured butt, be braver and pick skimpier bottom pieces.

To make things clearer, we suggest that you take a look at the following tips on how to buy the best fitting lingerie according to your body shape.

  1. If your size is below average.

For petite ladies, it is, probably, the biggest challenge to choose the perfectly fitting lingerie set. Yet, many world-known brands, including MarieMur, – the place to find luxury women’s underwear for all sizes and shapes, – have the XS option or the petite section which can’t make you more joyful.

Lace or smooth single-colored bras will add some space to the look; corsets and push ups are great for balancing the top and bottom, leather harness lingerie, or more romantic one – here you have a lot to choose from. Being petite is also a win-win since you can pick any cut, height of the waist, texture, or pattern.

  1. If you’re in the golden middle.

Since it’s the peculiarity of many women, the first thing we recommend you to start shopping with is measuring your top and bottom parameters so that you could either order different sizes of one the same lingerie sets. For pear-shaped women’s bodies, experts advise to choose patterned bras to play on the contrast and wear lingerie sets emphasizing the neckline.

Belts and garters will be best for hourglass types to bring harmony into proportions, while inverted triangles and diamonds are welcome to accentuate the less pronounced areas with the help of decor on panties (for ladies with broad shoulders) or wear wider breast bands.

  1. If you are plus-size.

Having a few kilos that you desire to lose is not the reason to love yourself less. In the end, you deserve the kindest attitude regardless of weight. On MarieMur, you can get outstanding lingerie sets deserving to be called luxury. The site offers plus sizes of bras and panties that you can buy either as a set of apart (which makes the problem with the size easier).

Leather or lace, seamless or average, silk or cotton sets plus fascinating leather harness accessories – purchase your lingerie at MarieMur to match your lifestyle and preferences. And if you think it will be too expensive, it’s high time you looked at the prices, – they are more than adequate. Sales and discounts prove it!

Whichever body type you have, all you need to do to buy a perfect set of lingerie is to visit the website MarieMur where your dream set will seem closer than you thought.