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What makes a copper pipe the only choice for air conditioning?

What makes a copper pipe the only choice for air conditioning?

Despite its rather high price, a copper pipe is commonly used for an air conditioner and other cooling systems in Dubai, the UAE, as well as around the world. Why? Because of its great properties:

  • Heat conductivity,
  • Corrosion resistance,
  • Pliability and welding features.

With Al Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company, we will discuss these properties to understand why they make a copper pipe the only choice for air conditioning.

Heat conductivity

Heat conductivity is crucial in conduction cooling. When using the matter of low heat resistance, the system can’t quickly get rid of extra heat and, thus, becomes inefficient.

A copper pipe can boast with one of the highest heat conductivity among other metals. Its main rival is silver but the last one is a very expensive metal, which alone makes it no one competitor on the air conditioning market.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion resistance stands for the matter ability to stay against rust. To clarify, it determines the pipe lifespan. Take a tube of a low corrosion resistance metal, and you will soon need to replace it.

Copper is highly corrosion resistant due to its unordinary feature. When contacting the oxygen, there appears an oxide coating that protects the metal from corrosion. Thus, when you use, for example, AC Copper Pipe size ⅜ for your HVAC system, you can be sure the pipe will last for at least 50 years.

The pliability and welding features

Pliability neither determines the efficiency of using the metal in cooling systems nor its lifespan. However, it is also a highly important attribute.

Let us explain it with an example. Suppose, you deal with a pipe made of a metal with great abovementioned properties. Still, it is too rigid to bent and unstable in welding. Taken in a batch, all this means a pipe to be of little practical use. After all, do you want (and is it possible?) to waste your time seeking the tube of the right shape or face great restriction in your installing options?

Fortunately, a copper is a highly pliable and easy to weld metal. Thus, you can easily bend it and arrange a pipeline of the shape you need.

All these features make a copper pipe an ideal option for using in cooling systems.