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What Makes Canvas Floater Frames Unique?

Any canvas artwork will stand out when placed in a floater frame. A floater frame gives an illusion that your picturing is hovering. The back of the frame has clips that are placed with precision at the back of the frame. The hovering effect is a result of nothing but science.

These frames for canvas art give a magical effect to any art piece. The corners are usually squared, which offers a sleek and clean look. If you want your artwork to catch all the attention in a room, a canvas floater frame should be your ideal pick. These are contemporary marvels with a timeless attribute attached to them.

Various Types of Canvas Floater Frames

Do you own an ultra-modern luxury apartment or a traditional farmhouse? Or are you a connoisseur? There is a classic canvas floater frame to suit everyone’s style. Frame destination offers a host of canvas frames to choose from. You can easily pair them up with traditional or modern interior settings.

Some frames have a contrasting inset to give more depth to the picture. Some feature smooth metallic finishes ideal for all styles of artwork, while some have sharp symmetric edges for a cleaner look. The black and white classic frames are suitable for canvas or simply a photograph. If you wish to add the right amount of drama to your picture, go for floater frames with moderate width. If you are looking for something that creates a bold impression, select a piece with a wide outer frame. They are a perfect blend of traditionality with a hint of modernity. The wooden floater frames give a vintage feel and would be apt for a farmhouse or any rustic interior setting. The wood used is eco-friendly and naturally beautifies your artwork.

These frames come in a variety of colors. There is a color that will blend perfectly with different artworks and interior settings from white to black to German silver and gold. Canvas floater frames are manufactured in various standard sizes. However, they may be customized as per your artwork’s size or photograph and as per your requirement.

Canvas Floater Frames for Fine Arts

Canvas floater frames are preferred by artists all around the globe for displaying their artwork at renowned exhibitions and at various art galleries. You’ll be bewitched by the charm of these frames. From artists to photographers to makers, all prefer them over other kinds of frames. They are usually made from quality wood or metals, which gives them a sleek and elegant look. Floater frames are evergreen and have never gone out of style to date. The popularity of these frames is growing day by day, not only amongst artists but among laymen too since they are offered at quite affordable rates.

Are Canvas Floater Frames Meant for Artists only?

Art itself has a magical attribute attached to it. It is incredible how a few brush strokes have the ability to create a mystical masterpiece. Undoubtedly, canvas floater frames are the preferred choice of most artists.

You can preserve your artwork or photograph for a lifetime with a custom-made frame from Frame Destination. If you wish to convert your wedding photographs or holiday snaps into a showstopper, look no further. Try printing photographs on canvas and frame them using a canvas floater frame. Turn your memories into masterpieces. It would be a conversation starter for sure. Floater frames will definitely turn heads towards them for a long span.

Is a Glass Front Necessary for Canvas Frames?

It is not necessary to have a glass front for these frames. You just need a varnish layer to protect your canvas. Not having a glass or acrylic front will not have an impact on the illusion this frame creates. The charm of the frame won’t go away or diminish.

Ruling Out the Best

If you are searching for a perfect frame for displaying your artwork at an art show or at a gallery or for merely preserving a cherished memory, you can check out the entire collection at Frame Destination. You’ll find the most unique and enchanting canvas floater frames here that might be hard to spot anywhere else. The frames are crafted and curated, keeping in mind the requirements and needs of artists and connoisseurs. They even provide an option of delivering samples first, so that you can make an appropriate choice. Frame Destination manufactures and assembles all frames in the Dallas, Texas warehouse. Contact them immediately for creative framing solutions.


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