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What NOT to do when selling your car: Tradie’s x-rated blunder when listing his Nissan Navara ute

What NOT to do when selling your car: Tradie trying to offload his old Nissan Navara ute makes one huge mistake when listing it on Carsales

  • NSW tradie lists his black 2011 Nissan Navara ute on for $22k
  • The man appears to have uploaded some very extra photos to the online ad
  • The ad was uploaded to the Facepalm subreddit, attracting hilarious comments

A tradesman trying to sell his ute for $22,000 has accidentally revealed way too much information in the online ad. 

In addition to publishing photos of his 2011 black Nissan Navara, the New South Wales man also accidentally uploaded two photos of his genitals. 

A screenshot of the surprising x-rated photo selection was uploaded to Reddit late on Friday, where it went viral.

The seller of this Nissan ute cocked up his photo selection when uploading the vehicle photos to – and included two shots of a a very personal asset presumably not for sale

The Reddit post was appropriately titled, ‘When you’re advertising your car online, don’t upload your whole camera roll without checking it first’.

‘Is that the xxxtra cab Navara?’ joked one person.

‘You’re assuming that the dude didn’t know exactly what he was doing,’ added another. 

Others joked the man may have actually advertised the car by mistake.  

‘Maybe it was his Tinder/Grindr profile, and the car was for scale,’ one said.

‘How embarrassing. Advertising your penis and accidentally including your car photos?’ said another.

As of Saturday afternoon the ute was no longer listed on Carsales.