What Not To Put Down The Drain

An easy life is loved by all of us! We always search for the easiest methods to accomplish any work, no matter what shortcuts we need to take for doing the same. The point to discuss this is that, when we suffer blocked drains conditions in our house or locality, it is we who are responsible for the same, most of the times!

Often we throw trash down our pipeline which gets stuck in the drainage system and causes such blockage conditions. While most of the time we are to be blamed for the drain blockage purposes, there can be other reasons too which may inflict the same conditions which we need to take care of time and again!

As for putting stuff down the pipeline, you must be careful while throwing them as they can cause severe blockages which may make you suffer a lot. Here in this article, we are going to discuss more on such materials which must not be thrown down the pipeline to keep your sewage system away from blockages! Instead of calling emergency plumbers, let’s explore the things that can save your drain from getting blocked

Check on the solid wastes

Most of the times the drain blockage is caused due to the solid wastes that go down the pipeline for a longer period.

And by the solid waste, it does not literally mean you throw rocks and stones down the pipeline, it can be the silliest of things that go down the kitchen sink or the bathroom pipeline to get stuck and cause the blockage.

Sometimes it’s your hair that gets stuck, and sometimes it may be the fish bones that goes down the sink which counts as solid wastes to get stuck in the pipeline. Apart from these, there are other solid wastes that can cause pipeline blockage conditions which are mentioned below

  • Greasy foods in the kitchen sink like meat fats, sauces, baking goods, dairy products, butter, cooking oil, etc.

(When you put down greasy foods into the pipeline it does not necessarily get stuck in the pipeline but it slows down the water flow by making the pipeline passage thicker.)

  • Toilet paper or paper towels
  • Corrosive substances
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Coffee grinds
  • Condoms
  • Cat litters
  • Solvents like paints, nail polishes, etc.
  • Garbage chunks
  • Rags
  • Motor oil

These are some of the things that need to be taken care of while you throw them down the pipeline or kitchen sink to avoid any kind of blockage conditions.

Timely maintenance can control the blockage conditions though!

Even at times, in a hurry, if you throw solid things down your pipeline, you must know that timely maintenance can still go a long way in avoiding any kind of blockage conditions. When you opt for consistent washing and cleaning of your drainage system by your own or by the experts in the service, you can avoid the formation and accumulation of these solid wastes in the pipeline.

Also, you must check on the force of your waterline as to how strong it is to carry away the wastes trapped in the pipeline as weak water forces can actually make more congestion that what you get with a strong force of water. So the most important factor in taking control of your drainage system is checking what you put into it and carry our timely maintenance.

The final take

In most cases, people use their sink and washrooms wisely and do not put down any such materials across the pipeline which may cause congestion down there and cause blockages. But sometimes, people do become careless and mind the efforts to throw things outside of the washroom or the sink, whether it may be in haste or sheer negligence.

And when this happens, it is bound to cause drain blockage which obviously none of us would like to face very often! Whenever such blockage conditions happen, people call for emergency drain unblocking help but seldom do they realize that a little care on their part may be fruitful in preventing such conditions from taking place.

Thus, we all must be active with how we use our washroom and kitchen sink and what stuff we throw down the pipeline so that we can avert such situations of drain blockage and thus, relieve ourselves of the annoyance! These things are mentioned above and by being careful you can save yourself the harassment in a better manner!