What Should You Do With a Diseased Tree?

Trees are fascinating things. They can grow for years and years if they are cared for. And they give back so much to their surroundings for so little. Trees grow and require nourishment like every other living thing.

And just like every other living thing, they also get sick and die. There’s a wide variety of diseases that can befall your tree. And most of them can end up killing your tree if they are not kept under control.

Dealing with a diseased tree can be tricky. This is why you shouldn’t try to take matters into your own hands.

Instead, you should hire a tree service company that will know better about what to do. Tree service companies have experienced botanists who can assess your tree’s health. Check out Weatherby’s Tree Service to learn more about their services.

When you have a sick tree on hand, you have a few options on what to do. A sick tree can be cured or cut down. The option that will suit you will depend on the state of your tree.

How to Know That Your Tree is Sick?

Identifying a sick tree can be easy or difficult.

This depends on the type of disease and how long has it been ravaging your tree. Most diseases are hard to spot with an untrained eye. If you aren’t well-versed in botanic diseases, you should try reading up on what diseases may affect your plants.

The best way to identify a disease is to regularly check on your tree. And once you notice that something is off about your tree, you should call in an expert for a proper check-up.

What to Do With a Sick Tree?

Diseases spread across a tree gradually. In earlier stages, they tend to stick to a certain portion of your tree. They might originate on one branch and start spreading from there. when you first identify a disease, the options available to you will depend on a few factors.

First of all, you must check how far has the disease spread. If it is affecting a portion of your tree, you have a higher chance of curing it. However, if it has spread all over your tree, then you might just have to cut the tree down.

Apart from the disease’s stage, its area of origin matters as well. Diseases that start on branches are easy to get rid of. You can simply cut off the affected branches. However, if the disease starts in a tree’s trunk or in its roots, things become trickier.

The worst thing about diseases is that they gradually rob a tree of its strength. A sick tree gradually begins to rot from the inside. And once this happens, the entire tree becomes unstable.

An unstable tree is a really dangerous thing. It can break and fall over very easily. And during its fall, a tree can cause a lot of damage. In most cases, trees that have become unstable are cut down. Removing them becomes a matter of safety.

Removing a Sick Tree

Removing a sick tree is more challenging than removing a healthy tree.

This is because sick trees have an unstable structure. This instability makes it harder to predict how will the tree go down. uncertainty can be dangerous during a tree-cutting operation. The tree could suddenly fall and begin falling in the wrong direction.

When a tree is being cut down, the entire process revolves around a controlled fall.

You want to make sure that the tree falls slowly and in a pre-determined direction. This minimizes the chances of any damage occurring. Since a diseased tree can be hard to control, the best way to cut it is by segmenting it.

A team of trained personnel equipped with proper gear plan out the removal beforehand. They inspect your tree and determine what’s the best way to segment it. Once this has been decided, they begin cutting the tree piece by piece.

Removing the tree part by part is slower, but also safer.

The exact way your tree will be removed will depend on the tree itself. And since every tree is unique, tree removal experts have a number of different approaches that they can use.

Since tree removal is difficult and dangerous, not everyone can start their own tree service company. You need to have proper training and certification. In most cases, tree removal companies are also required to have insurance.

When you are about to pick a tree service company, you should select it based on its certification and insurance. A company that is certified and insured will be reputable and professional.

Sick trees can be hard to deal with, and in most cases, you have to get them removed. Keep in mind that a sick tree is a danger for everyone around it, so removing it is actually beneficial.

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