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What Supplies Do You Need To Paint A House?

A little touch up with new decor in your room and a little fairy light might not be enough to make your house lively again. Painting your room might do a fine job. It will not be safe to allow painting companies in Reston inside your home in this COVID-19 situation. Are you a DIY enthusiast planning to take matters into your hand? With the right painting supplies, you can pull off a pretty good job- no matter what you want to paint. As there is a wide range of products out there, it is evident for you to get confused. Are you wondering about the things you will need for this DIY project? Read along as we have slimmed down a few required supplies for a successful result.

A Cautious Step

Before you start with your project, make sure to complete the measurement work on your space. Planning is an essential step to ensuring a hassle-free painting. All professional painting companies in Reston will have all the supplies needed for your project already ready. But, as a DIYer, you need to go through the following list to prep up to invest in some efficient painting supplies.

The DIY Painting Supplies Checklist

Now that you have the plan all chalked out, here is a list of essentials for your DIY painting project:

  1. Paint: Choose your colors wisely. Do not go overboard while picking up the paint cans needed for your project. You would not want to have paint cans lying idly in your home.
  2. Primer: It is a significant part of your project. Primers lay the foundation for any paint to stick to the surface. With primer, you can ensure a uniform texture for a flawless visual. You can use it on metal, wood, concrete, and drywall.
  3. Paint rollers: You will need them to apply paint efficiently. With adjustable paint rollers, you will find it easy to reach high spaces. Remember to de-fuzz the new roller sleeves by washing them in water before you use them.
  4. Roller covers: Grab them for your paint rollers. The roller cover is attached to the roller frame. The roller cover absorbs and transfers the paint to the surface.
  5. Paintbrushes: Paintbrushes of various sizes come in handy for cutting and minor touch-ups. You can also use these to create different patterns on the surface.
  6. Paint tray: You can use these trays to hold your paint. Its slope will help you to spread, arrange, and dip the roller evenly in the paint.
  7. Tray holder: While this is an optional item on the list, you can buy a tray holder for your comfort.
  8. Painters tape: These tapes are designed to come off quickly without any remaining on the surface. These come in handy for neat borders and edges.
  9. Stir sticks: You can use these small spatula-like items to mix and stir your paint.
  10. Dripless caulk gun: Trust these little marvels for a neat and tidy work area.
  11. Wire poker: Use a wire poker to clear the tip of your caulk tube.
  12. Razor/Knife: Use it to cut the caulk tube’s tip.
  13. Paint scraper: you can cut down on manual effort with paint scrapers when you have a lot of scrapping to do. Again, this is optional.
  14. Gloves: It will keep your hands clean.
  15. Drop cloths and rags: Invest in canvas drop cloths for better results.

Things To Keep In Mind While Going All DIY

A new painting project can make your space pop out vibrantly. As we are doing the work without professional painting companies in Reston, it won’t hurt to keep the following tips and tricks in mind:

  • Prep your working area first with sanding, taping, and priming.
  • Not only a foundation, but priming will ensure a more promising result.
  • Move your furniture way away from your work area. You wouldn’t want your precious decor to get stained with paint!
  • You might need a few extra coats sometimes for better results.
  • Sand down the painter’s putty to remove any bumps.
  • Try to use chemical-free products. Avoid lead-based products
  • Personal protective gears and dust masks will keep you safe from the chemicals in the paint.
  • Be safe while working around electrical
  • Make sure to have enough ventilation.
  • Give your space to dry up well.

When going all professional

If you want a professional hand to work on your home, rely on professional painting companies in Reston. These experts can transform your home with vivid colors. Connect with the best around you for a fabulously painted home.