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What the papers say – August 27

What the papers say – August 27

A revolutionary weight-loss pill, tourist burglars and a papal plea for forgiveness make bank holiday Monday headlines.

The Daily Telegraph leads with the flab-fighting medical breakthrough that could help tackle middle-age spread.

The drug, called lorcaserin, is three times more effective at weight management than dieting alone, the Daily Mail reports.

What the papers say – August 27

The Times says a network of Latin American thieves has been carrying out multimillion-pound raids in London’s commuter belt.

The Guardian leads with Pope Francis’ plea for forgiveness over abuse in the Catholic church during an open-air mass in Dublin on Sunday.

The Pope’s appeal before hundreds of thousands of people in the city’s Phoenix Park also tops the i.

The Daily Mirror runs with claims over the future of payday loans firm Wonga.

The daughter of a British couple who died in Egypt fears they were killed by something in their room, the Daily Express reports.

Uber customers could be jumping on an electric bicycle rather than into a cab for shorter journeys in years to come, the Financial Times reports.

A fall in the number of people granted asylum in the UK is the focus for The Independent.

And the Daily Star reports on predictions that there could be miles-long lines of Portaloos along motorways in the event of a no-deal Brexit.


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