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What the papers say – October 11

Allegations against disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein from two of Hollywood’s biggest stars feature prominently on the front pages of the papers.

Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow have both accused Weinstein of sexual harassment – the latest in a string of women to come forward with allegations.

Labelling it the “Hollywood sex beast scandal”, the Daily Mirror reports that Paltrow’s boyfriend at the time, Brad Pitt, confronted Weinstein over his behaviour.

More allegations against Harvey Weinstein dominate the headlines

The Sun, meanwhile, reports that the “floodgates” had opened on the movie mogul, and that Hollywood had been “rocked” by “explosive new allegations”.

According to the paper, Paltrow claimed to have been “terrified” when Weinstein suggested they head to his hotel bedroom for massages.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the actresses’ claims, as well as new allegations of rape from three women which Weinstein has vehemently denied, marked a “significant escalation” of the scandal that has “engulfed” Hollywood.

Away from the ongoing Weinstein saga, other papers remain firmly focused on political matters, with both the Daily Mail and the Daily Express reporting that Britain is home to more than a million illegal immigrants.

The papers carry comments from former Home Office chief David Wood, who told MPs that a huge number were living in the UK “under the radar”.

Theresa May is also still hitting the headlines, this time due to her refusal to say whether she would vote leave if another EU referendum was held.

The Guardian reports that the Prime Minister “dodged the question” during an LBC radio phone-in, and that she gave a series of long-winded answers to avoid giving a yes or no.

Meanwhile, The Times focuses on Chancellor Philip Hammond’s refusal to budget for a “no deal” Brexit, and the i reports on Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s decision to “scrap” the NHS staff pay cap.

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