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What the papers say – October 28

The deepening political crisis in Spain dominates the front pages, as Catalonia’s declaration of independence sparked unprecedented measures from the Spanish government.

The Times describes the nation as “Spain on the brink” as Madrid imposed direct rule and prepared to charge Catalonia’s leaders with rebellion.

The paper reports that the day had seen a “dramatic escalation” in the political crisis, as Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced he would sack the entire Catalan government and order elections.

But there were scenes of joy in Barcelona, the Catalan region’s capital, as thousands gathered, waving flags as they celebrated the declaration of independence – an image which is featured prominently on the paper’s front page.

The Guardian has also used a striking photo of Catalan celebrations on its front page.

It reports that Madrid’s intentions to seize control of Catalonia have pushed the political crisis “to new and dangerous heights”, and says that the EU, UK, Germany and US have all announced they will not recognise Catalan independence.

The i features a similar image, reporting that police are ready to intervene after the declaration of independence.

The Daily Telegraph reports that “cracks” have begun to show in the EU, according to European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, as Spain was “plunged” into political and economic turmoil.

And the Daily Express reports on Nigel Farage’s comments that the crisis in Spain was the EU’s “worst nightmare”.

Away from Spain’s political troubles, the Daily Mirror looks at the newly released files relating to the assassination of John F Kennedy, saying that the papers claim killer Lee Harvey Oswald met a KGB agent just weeks before the murder and that he did not act alone.

The paper adds that the declassified documents also reveal FBI head J Edgar Hoover insisted on trying to convince Americans that communist Oswald – who had lived in Russia and had a Soviet wife – was the sole assassin.

The Sun carries the story of pop mogul Simon Cowell’s dramatic fall at home which led to him being rushed to hospital.

The paper says he has since returned home, but could miss the first live show of the current X Factor series on Saturday night.

Elsewhere, The Independent claims that hundreds of alleged sexual assault victims have been denied compensation because they have a criminal record.

And the Daily Mail reports that nine servicemen have been thrown off a nuclear submarine by the Royal Navy after testing positive for cocaine while on duty.

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