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What to Avoid When Giving Solid Foods to Your Baby

The singular most important thing for babies is food. From the moment they are born to when they start to walk and talk, feeding well is essential for their normal growth and functioning. Sometimes most moms try out solid foods early because they fear their babies are not getting enough breast-milk.

Feeding your baby is quite simple when it is just breast-milk or formula. But when you have to introduce solids, things can get really complicated pretty fast. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration when giving baby cereal and other solids.

The mere fact that solids are different from what your baby is used to, plus there is a lot to choose from, can be really confusing on its own. Also, your baby may reject a thousand solids before you get the right one. Knowing the right time to start solids is a whole other ball game.

Now, there are some things you should know and avoid when it comes to solid foods. Most parents make mistakes that may end up bad for them, even their babies. These mistakes are easily avoidable, but only if you know them.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Feeding way too many sweets

This is very common mistake parents make. Giving sweets, cookies and other sugar-filled foods are not recommended for your baby. In fact, the American Heart Association advises that you do not give your baby any added sugar during the first two years of life.

In addition, the food you feed your baby at this stage will be a major determinant of what your baby will like in the future and as they grow. Everyone knows the ugly side of too much sugar. It is really not something you want to subject your baby too.

Not giving balanced nutrition

Another common mistake is thinking you are giving everything from delicious to nutritious. But in the actual sense, you have not fed your baby all the right nutritional proportions. There are some essential nutrients that your baby should not lack.

Some of these nutrients include;

  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Vitamin D
  • Fatty acids and so on.

You can get some baby cereal that is filled with these essential nutrients, from Bio-Kinetics.

Starting way too soon

One thing you should know is that your baby’s digestive and immune systems are not fully equipped to process solids at 4 months. Some parents forget these facts and introduce solid foods to their babies even before they are 4 months old.

The consequence of starting solids too soon is that you risk exposing your baby to food allergens that their body is not yet capable of fighting. Apart from allergens, there are other problems that starting too soon can cause.

Starting way too late

Waiting too long to start on solid can be really detrimental to your baby’s health. For instance, as your baby grows, there is an increased dietary need for iron. Breast-milk cannot supply this need and when you do not start solids early, this may result in a deficiency of iron. This is really bad for your baby’s growth and development.


No matter how confused you are, starting from somewhere will make things clearer. While there is no handbook or manual on parenting, these little tips and guides here and there are meant to make it easier for you. Your baby is your priority, so, keep them safe.