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What to Do After You’re Engaged

The moment many couples dream of, where their lives take on a joint path, and their future together begins. It is a magical day, and you want to share it with everyone you love, a moment to savor and enjoy. But after the thrill goes down it hits you; it is time to start planning your dreamed wedding, and time is ticking.

But before you start the big plans, there are some other tasks to tackle. You must contact many people to tell them the good news and plan some other events first. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the many things you will have on your mind for the next couple of months, but nothing to worry about because we have a plan for you to enjoy your engagement and gain time planning your big day.

Tell your family, friends, and everyone else. In that order

With social media and the excitement of your engagement, you might feel tempted to instantly post a picture of your ring and spread the great news. But before you do that, consider having a moment to enjoy it yourself, without everyone else comments. Then it would be great to tell your families first and in person if possible; if not, a call will be more than ok.

Now that your family knows, you can tell your close friends think about your best friend and those you might include in your bridal party. When you tell everyone you are close to, it is time for everyone else to hear about your engagement with a stunning picture of your big moment.

Insurance and size

Before you move along with your wedding plans, take a moment to visit your local jeweler if the size of your ring is not right. It would help if you ensured that a beautiful and thoughtfully picked ring does not fall off your hand. Then you should talk to your insurance specialist; it is important to ensure your engagement ring just in case; it is inexpensive and will save you much trouble if it gets damaged or lost.

Plan your engagement party

Who would not want to start with the celebrations! Gather your families and close friends for a toast. This could be a great opportunity to surprise your guests if you want to tell them all at once. If not, it is a moment to celebrate and start with the wedding plans. Remember that those you invite to your engagement party should be automatically considered your wedding guests. Plan your guest list wisely.

Engagement parties do not need to be fancy gatherings; you will have plenty of other events to plan with much etiquette and protocol. It is an intimate celebration, and you can offer drinks, appetizers, and some music. Depending on the size of your party, you could host it at home or rent an intimate venue. If you want to keep your decoration simple, consider renting a star ceiling projection that will give the space a fun and festive atmosphere without spending much.

Get your nails pretty

The minute you get engaged, your hands will be appreciated everywhere. Consider scheduling for a manicure and nail polish before you announce it to everyone and before your engagement party. And think about booking a monthly appointment to keep them in good shape.

Pick your wedding party

Before kicking off the wedding plans, you must think carefully about your wedding party. It is not an obligation to have bridesmaids and groomsmen, but you should define if you have them or not soon in the process. Your wedding party is more than just close friends who wear the attire you ask them to; they are your support system from day one.
Set a budget

One of the first steps you must take when planning an event is setting a reasonable budget. If your wedding is the first large party you have ever organized, numbers might overwhelm you at first. Make sure you feel comfortable with the budget you set and avoid compromising your future finances.

If you have a small budget, plan an intimate wedding. If you can splurge, then do it. Remember, there are many ways you can save, and you do not need to throw a big wedding; your nearest and dearest will make it special. Consider a wedding at home; you can save much and still have beautiful details for your ceremony, such as a chuppah rental an easy DIY wedding canopy to frame the moment you say I do.

Start building your guests list

When you set your budget, you will have a general idea regarding the size of the event you can host. Keep your guest list accordingly to your budget and try to have a number before you start visiting wedding venues. You will be able to discard those that are too big or small for your wedding.

Find your wedding photographer and book an engagement photo session

Many wedding photographers offer you special packages when you book an engagement session with them. A photoshoot to celebrate your engagement is always a great idea. You get to meet and break the ice with your wedding photographer. You will have professional photos to upload to your wedding website and even include in your save-the-date cards.


You will only be engaged for a couple of months, and you should treasure them. You will be full of hope and excitement because you plan the event of your dreams, and you will soon start building a life with your loved one. Take a moment just to be engaged and enjoy each other company before the wedding plans begin.