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What to do to find out if your loved one is cheating on you?

How to know that you are being cheated on?

Our intuition is the best indicator that something is going wrong, but we too often try to drown out this inner voice.

Do you have a hunch that your partner is cheating on you? Try to restrain yourself and not run to him with your suspicions at the moment in which they originated in you.

To put it simply, the more time you give yourself to deal with the situation, the higher the likelihood that you will correctly assess whether you are being cheated or not. If you try to figure it out right away, you will most likely be wrong.

So, how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

He changes dramatically

Cheating guys often change physically. Their gait and gestures change. So the body is rebuilt in order to attract a new passion. In addition, they become better at keeping an eye on their appearance and spend more time styling their hair or trimming their beards.

His taste in music changes. There is nothing wrong with trying to learn something new. But when changes happen unexpectedly and unreasonably, it can be a signal that he is listening to this music with another girl.

He needs more personal space. Having your own nook is normal and natural. But if now he is strictly closing the door – there is reason to worry. A company specializing in mobile and online security conducted a study that showed that 20% of men have a second email that their partner does not know about. Unfaithful husbands create fake accounts on social networks.

Check social networks by typing the necessary parameters into a search engine or downloading a special face recognition program. It will certainly help you find your partner if he has an additional account somewhere else.

His sexual appetite has changed. Abrupt changes in “usual” and familiar things in bed without discussing it are usually a big warning sign that you are being deceived.

Cheating guys experience a huge boost in testosterone, which manifests itself as new confidence during sex. They feel strong, courageous as if every woman in the world wants them.

He praises you tremendously. It may sound counterintuitive, but the cheating guy shows that he is overly pleased with you. This praise and attention may make you feel good, but if he overdoes it, be careful.

Was he always so grateful for every little thing? This behavior can be caused by guilt. In fact, there is research showing that 66% of cheating guys feel guilty and think about how to compensate for it.

He condemns deception. In psychology, this is called the “reaction of the formation”: when a person becomes too obsessed with something, in fact, this is the complete opposite of his real thoughts and feelings. Perhaps loud shouts about how he condemns cheating people, even in a movie, is just a defense mechanism.

Aggression: The guilty one tries to justify his behavior. And he can justify it only by accusing the partner he is cheating on. This leads to the fact that the traitor begins to find fault with you more and more and becomes more and more aggressive towards you.

If you feel that your partner is increasingly dissatisfied with you and does not hesitate in expressions, telling you about this, it is possible that the matter is not in a specific situation, but in something more serious, and that is how he is trying to accuse you of what is cheating on you.

You don’t cross with his friends

They are too busy to meet with you, or your partner says that you will not be interested in them. He also affirms that his mom will definitely like you, but he never finds the opportunity to present you to her. He doesn’t plan your walks in advance because circumstances may happen.

Talk to your friends. As a rule, if you are cheated on, you will be the last person in your circle who does not know about it. Everyone else will avert their eyes, be silent and talk behind your back, waiting until you finally figure out for yourself that your partner is unfaithful to you.

If you have any suspicions, try talking to friends, share your concerns. They may not tell you the truth, but their behavior will give you a lot to understand. By the way, the opposite is also possible – when they react so confidently that you feel that all your fears were unfounded.

The main thing is not to keep it all to yourself. If you’re right, it’s best to find out about it as early as possible. If you are wrong, there is no need to waste time on stupid obsessions.