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What to do When You’re Addicted to Pleasure

Any addiction is characterized by an unhealthy obsession over something. Sex addiction is no different. It can happen even after years of dating or marriage and can cause tremendous strain on a relationship and social interactions.

What should you do when facing a sex addiction? Let’s examine what it takes to kick it.

Risks of Addiction

Intimacy and love are important in a marriage, but sexual addiction is something different entirely. It can result in a number of negative outcomes that can be dire for the individual in question and their family.

Without proper treatment, the addict can experience the following:

Loss of Occupation: Sex addicts can lose their job as a result of their addiction. When the obsession with getting this need fulfilled becomes an everyday conquest, it will inevitably take away from a person’s work.

Social Damage: Many addicts replace tangible social interactions with their sexual needs, resulting in lost friendships and severed ties with loved ones. They will feel isolated and alone as they miss out on evenings out, special events, family gatherings, and other social hallmarks.

High Spending Habits: A sex habit can be very expensive. Things like pornography, prostitution, and other expenses will quickly add up. The bigger the addiction, the less likely it that the person’s craving will be met without spending an exorbitant amount of money.

Forgoing Relationships: Ultimately, the addict may throw away coveted relationships in order to pursue their individual sexual cravings. The mind can become tricked into thinking that superficial experiences are adequate replacements for real personal ones.

Understanding What It Means to Be Addicted

Like alcohol or drugs, sex addiction is used to escape harsh or painful realities in one’s life. It becomes a dependency that the individual needs in order to simply go about their day. Patients frequently struggle with intense feelings of frustration or loneliness as well as anger, guilt, or even self-hatred.

Oftentimes, the sex addict will recognize that their behaviors are unusual, and will even classify them as immoral or disgusting. Their preoccupation with sex results in intense marital strife and can even push their own children away.

Personal wellness is a huge casualty as the sex ritual overcomes their everyday life. The need for instant gratification causes them to not see straight and make decisions based on impulse rather than practicality.

Who Gets Addicted to Sex?

Sex addiction is usually felt by people who fear intimacy in their relationships. They replace this fear with dastardly behaviors including frequent masturbation, visits to prostitutes, and extramarital affairs.

From a chemical standpoint, sex addiction is triggered by a dopamine rush also called an “erotic haze.” This level of euphoria is reached only by engaging in obsessive sexual behavior.

How to Seek Help from Sexual Addiction

There are a number of helpful resources you can consult for your sexual addiction. Just like AA or NA, sexual addiction treatment programs will help any individual confront their demons and kick the addiction in a healthy manner.