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What To Expect During A Free Water Consultation

When it comes to the water source in a home, most homeowners find themselves wondering what’s going on. Most water treatment companies offer a free consultation for their customers. The consultation session will provide solutions for any water problems that the members of the home are experiencing. So read on as we dive into free water consultation.

When the experts get to your home they will begin by asking a couple of questions. These mainly enquire about the common issues that are faced and they go in-depth to ensure that customers understand the causes. The next step is bringing out the testing kit.

The testing kit tends to have receptacles, tools, and chemicals required to test samples and determine the problem. However, most of the common problems associated with tap water can’t be seen with the eye until they are tested. Hence the contaminants and the chemicals react and produce the answer to any water problem.

After the previously mentioned conversation, the consultant heads to your source to determine the extent of the situation. He then proceeds to carefully examine the plumbing and the water lines. These series of observations present the perfect idea of where a filtration system is needed.

It’s now time to take a sample of the untreated water coming into the home. The sample will undergo some tests including a smell test. The smell test gives the consultant an idea if something is being added in excess. However, if persons have drain problems at home, their sinks and bathtubs will have an unpleasant odor.

Most consultants usually test for the following:

  • * pH – Measures the acidity or alkalinity of the water coming from the taps.
  • * Hardness – The number of dissolved minerals are determined (calcium and magnesium.
  • * Total dissolved solids – Besides detecting magnesium and calcium, other inorganic and organic substances are detected. The lower this reading is, the purer the water is.

Additionally, further testing includes the following:

  • * Iron
  • * Sulfur
  • * Nitrate
  • * Manganese

In the case where there are more problems that span further than those mentioned, homeowners will need to take samples to a testing facility. So if you’re worried about contaminants such as lead, arsenic, and others, your consultant will aid as you send a sample off to a certified testing lab. When the consultant examines everything that he’s discovered during the consultation session, he usually provides a breakdown of the information for the customer.

In the case that there is any reason to be concerned, the consultant will provide solutions based on the results that were obtained. If you’re not a customer of the consulting company, they will provide details about the treatment options that are available.

As we conclude, we have just looked at what you can expect from a free water consultation. Consultants come into your home and they perform a thorough test of the water supply. They even do a smell test to determine if anything is off with the water coming from the tap. So if you’ve noticed something suspicious with your water supply, it’s best to call in the experts today!

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