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What to expect during a road trip

We have all had to face one of those long road trips, in which we ended up completely desperate, not knowing what to do. For this reason, we bring you a series of tips so that these routes do not become your biggest nightmare.

The truth is that we always want a vacation; it is a reality. We always imagine when the time will come to pack, take the car and go where we like. Those memories that we store from previous years become a recurring thought, and we do nothing but count the days left so that we can finally pack up and head for our destination. A bus tour from Montreal to New York can be a great start if you know how to make it fun.

But it is precisely this last step that sometimes manages to make us bitter even at a time as special as that. It is inevitable that when we think about our vacations, we also remember the huge traffic jams that we have taken on previous occasions and how boring all those hours we spent locked in the car were, with the sun leaving us blind. The clock is moving at a very fast pace, but that very slow. Yes, they are terrified of eternal road trips.

As we always say, we want your vacation to be a success and to be a complete success, from the moment you close the suitcase until you open it again in your home, to start again with the routine. Precisely for that reason, we wanted to bring you a series of tips so that that fearsome road trip that separates you from your destination is not a nightmare, but a pleasant time and, above all, to fly away.

You will have to ensure these things to avoid getting bored

  • To begin, although it may seem silly, you must get into the car with positive feelings. If you start the journey thinking about how long and boring it will be, it will eventually end up being so. You must think positive that you focus on what comes after the trip itself so that your mood does not fall even before the adventure begins.
  • Another of the tricks you always have to keep in mind refers to the travel environment. It is advisable that before starting the journey, you prepare a good collection of animated music with which to color the trip. Shouting, dancing and giving everything will help you become much less bored and shorter.
  • Some advise watching a movie or series, something that will undoubtedly make your trip a more enjoyable experience, but we must not forget that the driver also deserves to have a good time. Therefore, we recommend games that involve everyone who travels in the vehicle. Some of the most recurrent is the classic ‘I see I see’, a play on words (such as naming towns and cities that begin with a certain letter, chained words.) or, for the most creative, one that consists in creating a story among all.
  • One of the problems of these road trips is that we spend too much time in the same position, within a fairly small space. We know that you will want to arrive at your destination as soon as possible. Still, if you want it not to be too past, we recommend that you make stops in those places of interest that you pass, something that will also be very positive for the driver so that he does not suffer fatigue. This way, your vacation will start earlier than imagined.
  • Finally, although this advice is also quite evident, enjoy the views and if you like photography, capture them. Nature always knows how to surprise us, and you may realize that, although you have made the same route on numerous occasions, you had never really noticed its beauty.

Things to expect during your trip

When to reserve accommodation for your road trip?

Again, depending on the period when you will leave, you will not have to wait to reserve your accommodation. Your road trip will take you to many regions where the demand for accommodation is much greater than the supply. As a result, availability tends to decrease quickly in places.

In the same way, compared to the standards of standings, the tariffs will as a general rule be higher than the average. Again, the law of supply and demand. So to summarize, plan to reserve your accommodation (and especially near the national parks) between 10 months and 12 months in advance!

Where to stay depending on the destinations of your road trip?

You will quickly see that the prices announced in certain regions are very high. Suddenly you can ask yourself the question, “is it better to stay near tourist sites or on the contrary, is it better to get away from it? “. This question is legitimate, and I would say that it all depends on your budget and how you design your road trip. You will see that in your search for accommodation, on certain sites, for a given place, we will not hesitate to offer you accommodation 60-80 km from this place.

Certainly, accommodation will be cheaper, but it will be necessary to take into account the cost of the journey and especially travel time. Conversely, accommodation in the heart of a tourist site will be more expensive, but you will be there. This is the reason why, once again, we must not base ourselves solely on the tariffs, we must take everything into account.

How to choose your hotels?

You will see that in the blog, we will offer you articles on accommodation that we have personally tested. Of course, there are others, and we, unfortunately, cannot try them all.

This is why we advise you to go to a site like Booking, wherewith your travel criteria, you will have a selection of everything you can find in the area.

All reviews of travelers left on the Booking website are verified, so you can follow them without any concern.

You will make a schedule to optimize your road trip

There is much to see and do that it would be illusory to think of going there without planning. Already, if only for the choice of your stages, it plans everything you plan to do there.

To do this, we have provided you with planning ideas for road trips over 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks from different locations. They can serve as a basis for developing your planning.

You will reserve your vehicle for your road trip

Another important post. Even if there, it hurts less than the accommodation and the plane ticket, it will not be necessary to wait until the last moment to reserve your mount for your road trip.

Which vehicle to choose for your road trip?

The budget will also be taken into account. Still, you should know that your vehicle will serve you over a long period, you will travel a lot of kilometers, so it is important to have a comfortable vehicle with which you will not travel with luggage under the knees. Depending on your route, it may also be wise to opt for an SUV type vehicle, so that you can take the stony tracks without worry.

You will take a maximum of reservations for your road trip before your departure

By purchasing tickets and choosing accommodation, this road trip will be prepared well in advance. The best thing to do, to avoid stress, spread out the budget and thus arrive serene on D-Day, is to reserve the maximum of things before your departure.

You will browse the blog to find good plans related to your road trip

On the blog, we have tried to give you as much information as possible to make your stay as successful as possible.

You will put money aside before leaving

We will not lie; we need a substantial budget. Whether for reservations made upstream but also once there, it is good to have savings aside, to fully experience your road trip and not come back frustrated from there. Remember that this is a stay that you will remember for a very long time.

You will enjoy your road trip, and you will not forget to give us a little dedication

It may seem obvious, but this stay will have made you sweat. Hours of research and anxiety to find the best possible rates, sweats and sleepless nights to develop your planning, financial sacrifices to allow you to live this dream.


So once there, live your dream. Yes, you will go for miles of the road sitting in your car, yes, you will be tired by long hours of walking but live the present moments. Stop to see this herd of deer by the road, go and visit this State Park which was not planned in your planning, go eat in this restaurant so original by the road. All these moments will make your stay even richer and unforgettable.


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