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What to Look out For When Choosing a Removalist

Moving to a new city or home is a stressful ordeal that necessitates proper planning. You need to budget appropriately, pack right and hire the right moving agency. That’s not all, though! The process is hectic and costly, and your choices determine your expenses. It’s then critical to hire the best moving service to ease the process. Are you seeking ideas on how to hire a removalist? Read on for tips.

Reputation: The reputation of the removalist matters a lot. You want a smooth journey and don’t want to lose your valuables or risk having broken items. Luckily, there’s a lot of information online to guide you in hiring a reputable mover company or service. Seek references from loved ones, or use customer reviews to determine if the chosen company is reputable.

Moving equipment

You don’t have to have all your things broken during relocation. Hire a moving company with the right equipment, and ensure that the removalist can handle your valuables safely. The common types of equipment used by mover companies are;

  • Vans & trucks
  • Packaging boxes
  • Ramps
  • Pallet jacks
  • Bins
  • Hoisting straps
  • Tool kit

Experience: The years of experience determine the type of services offered. Experienced movers are highly likely to provide exceptional services compared to ones with little or no experience. The team should also have the expertise to move different types of items with ease. Review their website, and if possible, read the customer reviews from other clients. This way, you’ll get an idea of the services offered before making a decision.

Licensing & Insurance: Ensure that the movers meet the state’s requirements to perform the duties in your locality. Get in touch with the local state agency to verify whether the company is licensed. Also, ensure that the team possesses proper credentials to qualify for the task.

By so doing, you hire the right company, which minimizes the chances of theft and breakages during relocation. You also want to ensure the movers are insured. This secures your belongings and will come in handy in case of theft or breakages.

Certifications: Apart from the license and insurance, there are other ways to ascertain if the company has the essential credentials to operate legally. A legit move company should show proof of all the necessary certifications without you asking for them. These include;

  • Licensing by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Licenses
  • Pro Mover certification

Pricing& Services included: All movers offer services at varying costs. Before signing the contract, check the price and the services included. Moreover, determine whether the company provides moving supplies or you have to acquire them by yourself. Also, ask if any hidden charges that may inconvenience you upon arrival.

Survey estimates: Nowadays, most people request quotes via the phone. For a small apartment or home move, some movers use an estimator tool. Verify whether the mover company offers this, which allows you to receive the quote and book via your phone. However, for large moves, an in-home estimate works best. This way, you meet the removalist, agree on the process and cost.

Final thoughts

Consider the above aspects and choose a quality move company. Don’t go for cheap movers and get sub-standard services; scrutinize the moving company to ensure that they have the right expertise, team, equipment, and certifications to offer high-quality services.