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What To Look Out For When Purchasing A Nerf Retaliator Gun

The Hasbro Nerf Retaliator blaster under the N-strike Elite series released in 2012 comes with spectacular features. With the option to customize the blaster to meet any challenges, users can now access different maximum use options.

When purchasing a Nerf Retaliator gun, below are some factors to consider:

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  • Quality
  • Functionality
  • Dexterity

With the premium Nerf guns having majorly the same functionality across the globe, it is essential to identify the different functionalities between the Nerf Retaliator and other versions available in the market. For instance, the Nerf Retaliator can shoot darts at a much higher speed and power than the Nerf Recon, at around 150 darts every thirty seconds with 50mph. This guarantees maximum user usability and high-speed action.

The Nerf Retaliator is a modern design where the plunger is stationary limiting movement and propelling the breach to push on the plunger and get caught on it. The catch in the system connects with the breach moving it forward to drive and shoot a dart. This system seeks to engage the required amount of darts necessary for expulsion at different velocities, thereby increasing speed. The Nerf Recon does not have this advanced technology in its system, making the Nerf Retaliator a better and more refined choice. The OMW kits found in Nerf guns are also not compatible with the Nerf Recon than the Nerf Retaliator, as it uses a direct plunger, which is better than a reverse one.

The material used to make the Nerf Retaliator is exceptionally light as it consists of polyurethane material, which is simply polyester material combined with carbon dioxide. This material makes the darts as well, making them harmless to the user. It also limits severe accidents.

The Nerf Retaliator blaster boasts of four blasters in one, customized for various challenges, and aid in ease of configuration. For instance, users may change from any of the four blasters and modify it for different challenges. This is the fastest and surest model for speed and accuracy due to its elite dart system in blaster technology.

The Retaliator gun is also fitted with interchangeable components fitted to most Nerf blasters, mostly sold separately. The Nerf Retaliator comes in blue and white colors, which differ significantly from the previous orange colors, matching the various Nerf attachments available.

When assembling a Nerf Retaliator, users can identify different components in the package, comprising the stock that goes at the back of the blaster, the grip underneath the blaster, the barrel at the front twelve darts at the bottom for easy shots. The package comes with an instruction manual showing and explaining the function of the Retaliator and how to attach the different components in a way that enhances usability.

The Nerf Retaliator is fitted with a rifle barrel complete with a specialized dart design, which significantly improves the dart consistency to counter inconsistent aim. This feature also aids in enabling the dart to fly their target perpendicularly, thereby increasing complete range options.

Additional characteristics

Despite the Nerf Retaliator’s ease and precise aim, the blaster is also user-friendly and safe for kids and adults. However, users should refrain from shooting sensitive parts such as the face and other areas.

There are also value packs for the Retaliator, such as the Rapid Strike Mission kit, consisting of eighteen dart clips and thirteen darts. This is an economy retaliator for users with fewer operations. Other value packs are the Double your darts package and a blaster containing twenty-five dart drums and fifty elite darts.

To identify the difference between the standard and economy Retaliators, users can observe the packaging in which the blaster comes in. For instance, the standard Retaliator has prototype colors like blue and white, while the economy version has orange undertones.

The Nerf Retaliator’s accessories can also be purchased on physical and online stores and consist of worker springs between 8Kg to 12Kg, additional Nerf dart bullets, and Orange reload clips and elastic band storage for the darts.  The Nerf reload clip; the magazine is also replaceable in case of misplacement. Additional accessories that can amp up an intensive high-speed challenge consists of shock-resistant protective goggles, tactical equipment suits for extra protection, fluorescent dart bullets, and adjustable storage bag suits, all available in stores.

The blaster can be purchased online through sites such as, Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, and Argos, among other stores. The sites offer ease of access, are simple to maneuver, and are convenient to users looking to buy the blaster.

To test drive the Nerf Retaliator blaster before purchase, Hasbro headquarters offers accessible warehouses in which potential buyers can play in structured cubicles to determine the capabilities of the blaster. This enables the user to ensure the Retaliator is the best choice for them before buying. Purchase the Nerf Retaliator now to experience unprecedented high-speed action challenges.


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