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What to prevent hangovers? Then stay hydrated!

It is that simple…Dehydration mainly occurs when you lose more fluid than you intake and your body does not have sufficient fluids to carry out all its normal activity, thus leading to a drop in physical and mental performance as well as a number of symptoms.

Alcohol is a diuretic thus meaning it dehydrates us. And you guessed it, the more you drink the more dehydrated you become. It should therefore not come as a surprise that hangovers tend to be a lot worse the more we drink.

So the only real way to prevent a hangover is to prevent dehydration.

There is a number of ways in which we can do this. Firstly drink water and lots of it. One tactic involves drinking a glass of water in between every alcoholic drink thus offsetting in a 1 to 1 ratio. Another popular method is to drink a pint of water before going to bed, which will help to rehydrate the body overnight.

A third is to ensure that you are adequately hydrated throughout the day before you start drinking, this may be thought drinking water and other drinks that contribute to overall hydration or though consumption of foods that contain high levels of fluid and water such as fruits.

These are some of the natural methods you can use, but in recent years people have been looking for supplements in particular hangover cure products. Whilst it may seem crazy such products have seen a huge increase in demand in recent years and the evidence seems to suggest they may be the answer.

They work by loading the body with electrolytes which allows for much quicker hydration. For the ones we have referenced in this article, it is a simple matter of mixing the rehydration powder with water to make an electrolyte drink that you take before bed.

The electrolyte content ensures that more of the water is absorbed into the bloodstream making it a far more efficient way to take on fluids.

But does it work? Well, we have tried all methods mentioned in this post. We drunk the same amount each night, at the same time and with the same amount of food and rest. Whilst all methods helped the electrolyte drink was by far the most effective at preventing a hangover.

In conclusion, yes we always recommend staying hydrated throughout the day, and doing this the natural way through a balanced diet and correct water intake is ideal.

Hangover powder

However, in times when you are exposing your body to extreme dehydration, such as when you drink, it may make sense to take on additional support and in this author’s opinion, a solution may lie within a hangover powder, a revolutionary formula specially designed to provide superior rehydration, an electrolyte and vitamin hit.

This refreshing drink will provide you with a great-tasting and fast-acting formula and prevent a hangover.