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What Types of Posts Get Liked the Most on Facebook

Creating content that gets the attention of Facebook users is a difficult task. With millions of other accounts competing for likes just as you are, only posts that users find truly appealing will get enough engagements. If you want to get many likes on your shared posts, use the Vervebook Facebook like service to get the right amount of engagement to build your page.

However, certain posts draw the attention of Facebook users. These posts need no additional factors like paid promotions, capitalizing on trends, or an existing audience to perform well on Facebook.

Here are five types of posts that get liked the most on Facebook;


There’s a ton of information on the internet these days. People get too overwhelmed with this information and skip them most times. But images are different, they are easier to consume and give users all the information they need at a glance.

If you’re wondering what kind of images to use, here are a couple of suggestions;

Funny Images (Memes): Facebook users love a good laugh. When you post funny images, they find it hard to skip without liking that image. They most times save these images and share them too. Post funny images that are relating to your brand, to give your new audience an idea of what your page has to offer them.

Aesthetic Images: Who doesn’t love to see jaw-dropping images on their feeds? You’re most likely to get more likes on an image that shows the beauty of nature, an artwork, and images that have a high level of appeal.

Infographics: If you run a business, infographics are the best images to share. Facebook users don’t want to spend a lot of time reading long articles. With infographics, they can get enough data by looking at an image for a couple of seconds.


A lot of Facebook users like videos too. They like a more visual expression of what they like. If your videos are informative and well-edited enough, users will not hesitate to click on the like button. Here are some video ideas that’ll get users engaged;

Funny videos: Just like with funny images, users enjoy watching funny videos too. Facebook users click the like button as soon as they get the joke and share them with as many people as possible.

Education: When you share a video with resourceful information, you get more likes than you thought you would. Users like to get first-hand knowledge, so they give you the number of likes your post deserves as long as they find it helpful.

Stories: Tell users stories about what you do or how you got an achievement. They like, share, and comment if these stories are relatable and inspiring.


Posts that talk about celebrities, pop culture, and the latest music/movies spark the interest of users. To make things even more interesting, post about an upcoming event, album, or music video. The excitement prompts them to click on that button.

Strongly opinionated posts

Talk about politics and religion. Give your honest opinions and see how Facebook users show interest by opposing or supporting your take on an issue.

Posts about life milestones and achievements

Users like to see other users happy. Posts about a marriage proposal, gender reveal, bagging a degree, getting a new house or car usually get the attention of users and they show their support by liking and commenting.