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What You Should Know About PSB’S Health Occupation Aptitude Test  

Health Occupation Aptitude Examination (HOAE) also called as PSB (Psychological Service Bureau),  is a test that is designed to gauge upon the knowledge, skills, and aptitude of candidates. It is also popular with names like HOAE PSB test, SB health occupation aptitude examination, and PSB HOAE.

So, if you are contemplating a future in the healthcare field, you will likely have to give the PSB exam. The test involves attitudes and aptitude sections, and you can also optimize the test results.

Test Structure:

PSB or HOAE features five individual tests that are combined to assess the ability, knowledge as well as skills that are needed for the success in the career preparation. It’s a web-based exam that will be administered via computer, and you will get 2 hours  15  minutes to complete the test.  So, get into the PSB test practice sessions and score high.

Furthermore, each PSB has various test sections that will measure your skills required to get success in that specific section. The test is divided into five sections:

Section 1:

PSB Academic Aptitude Test:  This section will focus on your ability to learn. You will get 75 questions which you have to complete in just 40 minutes. The aptitude test is divided into three sections, viz.:

  • Verbal: This Academic Aptitude PSB test will focus completely on vocabulary. You will get five alternative words, with four of them having the same meaning. All you need is to pick one word that is different from the rest.
  • Arithmetic section: It will feature basic math questions. You can expect questions that contain word problems, additions, subtractions, division, multiplication, ratio, and percentage. You can also expect questions from the arithmetic computation. The more you practice the math questions, the more your speed and accuracy will increase.
  • Non-verbal questions: This section contains questions from the geometric section; you just need to use your spatial and visualization skills to solve every question. The non-verbal section will also measure your skills in relationship reorganization and mental manipulation.

Section 2:


The overall time allotted for the spelling section is 15 minutes, in which you have to complete 45 questions.  This section will test your ability to spell terms that reflect your communication skills as well as educational background.

Section 3:

Information in Natural SciencesThis section is of 25 minutes, which contain 60 questions from topics like biology, health, safety, acids, pH, electrical question, and more. You can also expect questions from basic science facts like measurements and conversations.  To get success in the healthcare section, you have to score high in this section.

Section 4:

Vocational Adjustment Index:

It’s a personality profiling test that judges you on your behavior, characteristics, opinion, attitude, and more.

Section 5:

Reading A Comprehensive Test:

This section will gauge your ability to understand, read, and interpret information within the material. To answer every question, you should know what’s written in the passage. You should be able to grasp the main idea of the author along with the main organization of the idea.

Three Features Of The PSB Test:

It Is Analytically Standardized:

The HOAE test depends on the criteria that are related to the reliability and predictive validity. The test is also characterized by using an authentic source of sample applicants to get admission to a health program.

Interpretation Of The Score Is Easy:

After the test is complete, you will get reports featuring the graphical portrayal of scores from the healthcare education program.

It Uses The Psychological Testing Method:

This testing method will be like a tool that will determine your potential to get enroll in a specific program. This method can be used in the selection procedure which helps institutions place you. The positive usage of this test will lead to good work experience, satisfying education as well as training.

So, if you are preparing for the Health Occupation Aptitude Test, keep the above things in mind and score high.


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