What’s Required to Open a Barber Shop?

The moment you decide to open your barbershop can be an exciting one. You’ve got all your certifications and can’t wait to be your own boss. You know what business card you want — you even have a logo idea in your head.

However, there’s more to opening a barbershop than ambitious goals and a certificate.

It’s best to wait until you have some experience before you open a barbershop. You will have a steady roster of clients and know the ins and outs of the industry. However, you may want to start a barbershop or beauty salon right out of school.

It’s not a bad idea since the business is almost always up-and-coming. Of course, it can fluctuate depending on global trends, pandemics, and recessions. However, if you’re ready, go ahead and start your barbershop.

You can have a successful salon if you know what you need to start one.

A Company Strategy

While it’s not a tangible item, a business plan is one of the most important things you need.

Without one, your barbershop is most likely to fail. All successful companies set goals and have a defined company strategy. So, goal setting is a great place to start when you open a barbershop.

Set your company objectives and figure out a company strategy specific to your barbershop.

If you’ve never had a business, it’s not easy to set business goals. Remember to set and achieve a small personal goal before you set business goals. In this situation, it’s also a good idea to invest in OKR software.

It’s the perfect addition to a business, new or old. Of course, if you’re new to the business world, you’re new to OKRs too.

So, what is an OKR? The acronym OKR is short for ‘objectives and key results.’ OKR software helps companies track things like key differences, company objectives, and measurable results.

With OKRs, you can even perform frequent check-ins on your customer service team. You can track business goals and the progress of team members. An OKR is absolutely necessary for all businesses, but especially new ones.

Business Licenses

Before you find a space for your barbershop and purchase equipment, make sure you have all your documents. Once you have your certification, get a professional license. Make sure the barbershop school you attended is a state-approved one.

Some states require further tests and accreditations. So, make sure you have those to avoid legal issues.

You may not need a special certificate to set up your business. However, you will need to form a corporation as you would with any other type of shop. For a salon, you may also need a sales tax permit.

If you plan to sell new products like shampoo and conditioner, you will need a resale certificate. Remember to form a legal entity and consider what taxes you will have to pay. Also, make sure you find out about zoning laws before you rent a space.

Quality Equipment

A barbershop needs more than a barber chair for its customers. Of course, it does need a number of comfortable barber chairs. However, remember to budget wisely for the other equipment you need.

The best option is to shop at a retailer that offers deluxe barber chairs at great prices.

Instead of an expensive heavy-duty barber chair, buy affordable equipment. You can get synthetic leather, a hydraulic base, and portable stations. And, you will still have money left over for other stuff.

Remember, it’s also essential to have wet stations, Pedi stools, facial beds, and shampoo chairs. And, it would help if you also had stylish salon seating in your waiting area. A barbershop with great interiors will attract more customers.

Marketing Tools

So, your barbershop has excellent salon seating and the best shampoo services. You make sure to display a new product on your retail shelf every week. And, you offer a range of professional beauty salon services.

However, your entire organization can go belly up if you don’t have the right marketing tools.

You don’t need anything too fancy when you’re starting. You can set up a website or create social media pages for your business. Even if you’re already on social media, remember to set up a new account for your barbershop.

A social media manager is the perfect addition to your team. If you can’t afford to hire one yet, don’t worry. Ask a team member to help you stage pictures that you can post online.

Interact with customers and regularly check the reviews posted about your business.

Responding to every review may not be possible initially. However, it’s an excellent way to create customer loyalty. Keep your team members and your customers happy with regular check-ins.

Remember, you need more than a set of skills to open a successful barbershop.