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What’s YOUR diet personality? | Daily Mail Online

People describe you as:

A. Loving, giving, kind, and compassionate

B. Successful, smart, witty and dynamic

C. Attractive, sexy, sparkly and playful

D. Intuitive, sensitive, spiritual and creative

One of your favourite ways to relax is:

A. Bake cookies

B. Read a prizewinning book

C. Buy the latest colour lipstick

D. Meditate to keep your mind calm

You feel your best when:

A. You care, love or rescue others

B. You’re recognised for your achievements

C. You’re complimented on your looks, style or taste,

D. You’re creatively expressing yourself

The greatest source of frustration in your life is:

A. Your weight. It never seems to budge no matter what you do

B. Your love life. You can get so busy that meaningful romantic connections take a backseat to other priorities (even though you wish they didn’t)

C. Understanding of world events. You’re so consumed by your own world that you can feel disconnected from political, social and economic issues.

D. Your finances. You have extraordinary visions but don’t know how to make them profitable

When you go out to a nice restaurant, you order:

A. Something a little carby, even though you know you shouldn’t

B. Whatever you want. After a long, hard day you deserve it

C. Not much; there’s no room for a poochy belly in that dress!

D. A plate full of beans, rice and tortilla wraps -as your friends look on in envy

The unhealthiest aspect of your relationship with food is:

A. You’re a secret eater. You hide food from yourself only to ‘sneakily’ eat it later in the day

B. You’re generally food during the day, but you can blow it at night

C. You think about food and what it will do to your body 80 per cent of the time

D. You frequently forget to eat

You worry that your partner will:

A .Think you’re needy

B. Be demanding and resent the time you spend working

C. Find someone more beautiful than you

D. Think you’re weird

The last time you havd a serious breakup you:

A. Are ice cream, then cried

B. Did everything possible to stay busy and didn’t cry

C. Already had another suitor lined up

D. Cried then meditated until you made peace with the situation

Your favourite scent is:

A. Any fragrance with floral notes

B. A custom blend you import from France

C. Your partner’s pheremones

D. Palo santo

At the cool new apothecary, you buy:

A. Heart tonic to strengthen your love

B. Brain tonic to enhance your mind

C. Sex tonic to intensify your lust

D. Intuition tonic to heighten your creativity

When scanning social media you:

A. Like everyone’s posts

B. Feel a twinge of envy whenever someone posts about a new life milestone

C. Critique everyone’s selfies

D. Post a photo from your most recent yoga retreat

You tend to overeat when you’re feeling:

A. Upset about something

B. Angry at someone, including yourself

C. Ugly and unnatractive

D. Spacey and disconnected

Something about you that you’d rather not admit is:

A. Your health and finances have been compromised by putting others’ needs before your own

B. You feel guilty taking time off even though you need to relax

C. You spend a lot of money on looking good

D. You’ve struggled financially to pursuse your creative passion

If you break your diet, it’s because:

A. You don’t want people to think you’re a diva by ordering something different

B. You’ve had a tough day and want to switch off with food or alochol

C. You’re frustrated with yourself. You aren’t losing fast enough

D. You’re feeling hypersensitive to the world and need carbs to dull the sensitivity

When you’re upset, your eating style is to:

A. Eat comfort food. Isn’t that what everybody else does?

B. Drink wine- that’s your de-stress potion

C. Control food – you either restrict or binge

D. Ignore food. You don’t care for food at the best of times

As a child your parents most often praised you for:

A. Helping around the house and looking after siblings

B. Athletic and academic achievements

C. Looking pretty

D. Being different

If a friend is unwell, you:

A. Race over with chicken soup

B. Stop by after work, answering emails on the way

C. Bring her celebrity magazines and try to distract her by gossipping about your love lives

D. Bring her a healing crystal and some herbal tea

You tend to carry fat:

A. Everyhwere but especially on your upper thighs

B. Around your stomach

C. You don’t have much- maybe five to ten pounds extra

D. You tend to be too skinng, but when you do gain weight, it’s everywhere.

If someone you have a crush on sends you a text message, you:

A. Respond right away, asking how his day was

B. Shoot back a witty response to keep the banter going

C. Respond with a flirtatious text

D. Wait until 11pm to reply

When interviewing for a job:

A. You send a thank-you note to everyone you spoke with

B. You say your greatest weakness is being a perfectionist, not that you really think that is a weakness

C. You dress impeccably

D. You would never take a job at a company with such a formal hiring process