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When is the best time to replace your windows?

Windows are an important part of every house. Not only do windows make sure that your house looks more aesthetic but they also increase the value of your house as well as the curb value. Since windows are so important, it is quite essential to repair or even replace them at the right time before it is too late.

Normally, a lot of homeowners hire professional glaziers from companies and websites to replace the old windows in their house. It is quite essential to realize the importance of windows and that is very important to make sure that you do not delay the process of replacing your home windows.

Klarvinduer, Estonian manufacture, produces exclusively quality windows and doors for the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and British markets. Despite Denmark having its own set of Building Regulations and requirements and all windows (so-called “vinduer” in Danish) and doors being produced in Denmark are made to the highest of standard, Klarvinduer’s products have demand also in the Denmark market.

Nevertheless, here is a list of times when you should not delay one second more and replace your windows as soon as possible:

There is a lot of noise outside your house

One of the major times when you should replace your home windows is that when you hear a lot of noise outside your house. always remember that the purpose of windows is not only to increase the value of your house but it also plays a major role in making your house peaceful by canceling the noises that come outside of your house.

In other words, windows make your house isolated from all the noise pollution outside your house. However, if you start hearing a lot of noise again then, it is time to change your windows because they are not fulfilling their purpose.

You feel a breeze even when the window is closed

Feeling a draft even when your window is closed is another time when you should replace your home windows. There could be multiple reasons behind this fault including but not limited to faulty seals and poor installation.

Always remember that windows have multiple purposes to fulfill. One of them is to keep the temperature of your house still. However, a drafty window will not be able to do that and therefore, it is time to replace it.

Moisture can reach between the glass layers

Similar to the previous point, if moisture can reach between the glass layers of your home window and condensation starts to build up, it means that the seals of your windows have become faulty. As a result, your windows will allow air to leak in and out of your house.

It is difficult to open or close the windows

Another time to replace your windows is that when it becomes difficult to open or close the windows. Low-quality windows tend to get rusty and rot in a couple of years which can make it difficult for you to open them.

Window frames are soft

If your window frames ever get soft, it means that your windows have reached a point where they are beyond repair. Soft frames mean that the frames of your windows have started rotting and might start sagging too in the future.