When Should You Take Protein Pills?

Protein pills are a unique alternative to protein shakes and powders. If you take protein pills, the benefits and effects aren’t necessarily the same as they are with powders and shakes, though.

Protein pills increase your overall protein intake, but they come from different sources. Primarily, if you take protein pills, you’re going to find they’re protein from bone broth, collagen-based protein, or amino acids.

Protein powders, by contrast, often are made of whey protein, casein protein, or vegan pea protein.

These powders are mixed with shakes and beverages, usually to generally get more protein in your diet or perhaps help with muscle gains, muscle mass, and even weight gain for people who want to gain bulk.

Taking a protein pill is a low-calorie or no-calorie alternative to the calories of protein powders and shakes.

Below, we cover when it’s best to take each of the three major types.

When To Take Bone Broth Protein Pills

Bone broth is arguably one of the most popular natural health and wellness products. Some of the possible benefits of bone broth include:

May have anti-aging benefits. Bone broth is associated with collagen. Collagen is a structural protein making up our skin, bone, and cartilage. When you boil the collagen to make bone broth, it’s broken down into gelatin and amino acids that promote health, such as glutamine and glycine.

Having bone broth as a supplement has been shown to help improve the elasticity and hydration of the skin. There’s some evidence bone broth can also help with reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Gelatin is the particular type of protein found most abundantly in bone broth. When gelatin makes its way to your digestive tract, it can support food’s health movement. There are possible benefits of gelatin for inflammatory bowel disease, leaky gut, and other digestive disorders.

The small intestine is our first line of defense in the immune system. If there’s damage to your gut barrier, known as leaky gut, it can affect your immune function. The amino acids that bone broth contains may protect your gut and help promote immune health.

So when should you take bone broth pills?

You can take them anytime. A lot of people find if they have bone broth or protein capsules with bone broth in powder form in the morning, it helps support the health of their gut and their mood all day.

Getting a boost of protein in the morning can also help reduce cravings and hunger.

You could also have bone broth protein pills in the evening, which can support your natural detoxification pathways and your immune system. Bone broth protein capsules are wonderful for healing and recovery, much of which occurs in the evenings when you sleep.

When To Take Collagen Protein Pills

Collagen and bone broth are similar to one another. Collagen is a component of bone broth, and it’s one reason bone broth is so nurturing to health and wellness.

That means you can take protein pills any time, based primarily on the benefits you hope to achieve.

Like bone broth capsules, if you take collagen protein in the morning, it can help boost energy, which can help with weight loss. Collagen for weight loss happens since this type of protein helps promote satiety.

Satiety means you feel fuller for longer, reducing your urges to overeat or reach for sugary snacks.

If you want to take collagen pills to promote better sleep, you can take them any time in the evening. A lot of people will take them in the morning and evening to support multiple health goals.

When To Take Amino Acid Pills

The third major type of protein pill is amino acid tablets.

Essential amino acids are molecules that form proteins. When proteins are broken down or they’re digested, amino acids are left. Your body uses amino acids to repair your tissues, grow, and break down food. Your body uses amino acids as a source of energy as well.

Nine essential amino acids have to come from food because your body can’t make them.

Benefits of amino acid supplements include;

  • Amino acids provide your body with energy.
  • They improve healthy muscle function and support the calcium absorption you need for bone growth.
  • Regulate optimal digestion.
  • Help with healthy sleep and wake cycles.
  • Amino acids help your body produce healthy neurotransmitters responsible for regulating everything from mood to appetite.
  • These types of protein help with the healthy growth and appearance of your hair, skin, and nails.
  • Amino acids like lysine help with your body’s maintenance of healthy hormone levels.
  • Methionine is an amino acid that helps regulate your metabolic rate and promotes detoxification.

So when should you take them? If you regularly work out or train, you should take an amino acid right before or after training. You can also take them throughout the day, any time you prefer, and some people like to take them at night to help with recovery and healthy sleep.

The great thing about protein is that when you supplement with it in any form, it will help you be healthier overall. You have flexibility in when and how you take it, unlike some other supplements that might have to be taken at very particular times.