When to Buy an Engagement Ring?

There are few moments in someone’s life happier than an engagement. It’s a major high, a huge commitment to your loved one, and one of the most memorable occasions you’ll experience.

And if you’re the person who’s going to propose – you want to get one of the best rings you can find in San Diego!

However, it’s not just about which ring to buy – you also need to know when it’s the best time to buy one. And that’s precisely what we’re going to cover right here.

What Is “Engagement Season?”

Is there a particular time when more people buy engagement rings than usual? Well, think about it – have you ever noticed how many promotional videos and adverts for engagement rings pop up around Christmas time? That’s one major indicator right there.

That signals the start of what we call “Engagement season” – generally from November to the end of February. Most estimates show that a third of all couples start their engagement at these times.

Naturally, this also sends the demand for engagement rings into the stratosphere; they start practically flying off their display cases.

However, the fact that this is when demand rises also means that this is when prices will be the highest. So, if you’re planning on getting an engagement ring – make sure you get one a month before or after all this craziness.

Here’s another pro tip – buy your loved one’s engagement ring around July and August. These months are the typical “wedding season”, or in other words, the time when most couples get married.

And that means it’s also the time when most people get married, and the least people get engaged. So, you’ll probably be able to find some awesome deals on otherwise pricy engagement rings – in that time period, wedding rings are in much higher demand.

How Far Do You Do It In Advance?

Generally, it’s advisable to buy your engagement ring around three months before you plan on proposing. This will give you ample time to choose the right ring, make any necessary changes, and generally ensure everything goes over smoothly.

This also helps you ensure any delays (like those related to ring production) won’t wreak much havoc on your timetable for the proposal. Just remember that ring adjustment can take between six weeks and two months.

Of course, getting a ready-made ring will dispel such worries.

Also, regarding the actual purchase – make sure you’ve chosen a budget, and clearly communicated it to your jeweler of choice. That will make finding the right ring for your needs easier and will probably get you the most “bang for your buck.”

Factors To Consider When Browsing Engagement Rings

While you’re picking your partner’s engagement ring, it’s always best to stay practical – think about their lifestyle, and what kind of ring would suit them the most. For example, don’t buy something that they’ll have to remove all the time because of daily activity or work; or something they might find uncomfortable.

What does this mean in practice? For example, if your partner is into sports, consider a slimmer ring; one with round edges.

On the other hand, people who use their hands a lot while working would probably avoid a hefty diamond ring – keep that in mind for the engagement and the wedding ring. Go for something simpler, and something that won’t catch a lot of dirt.

If your future fiancé wears a lot of jewelry in general, it’s worth thinking about that too – shop for something that would be a great fit for the stuff she’s already prone to wearing.

It’s always worth going the extra mile and thinking about their personal tastes too – they’re bound to appreciate it.

What About Wedding Rings?

If you’ve bought your engagement ring and proposed congrats! Now you’re off to the races, which means you need to start thinking about a wedding ring. So, when do you buy one?

Generally, people buy wedding rings three or four months before their wedding date.

It’s the perfect amount of time to browse different ring styles, make a few thorough shopping trips with your fiancé, and make a joint decision on the wedding bands that suit you both the most.

Don’t leave the wedding shopping off too long – if you do it too late and too close to your big day, you’ll only feel more pressure to buy something quickly.

If you are satisfied with your engagement ring, it’s not a bad idea to see if the same brand makes and sells matching wedding rings too. This might simplify the whole process and ensure the ring is a comfortable fit for your finger.

Whatever you get, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you and your partner are happy with it.