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Where to convert ETN to BTC

Electroneum concept 

Electroneum is a virtual coin with its own blockchain. Developers created an application with a built-in wallet and the option of mining coins from a smartphone. Additionally, there is the possibility of mining tokens in the traditional way of using computer equipment. The mobile platform has made mining possible for anyone with a smartphone and Internet access. The network allows instant micro-transactions, and coins can be transferred via mobile apps and games.

The main features of the Electroneum network are the following:

  1. Low technical entry threshold for any user. A lot of people want to enter the cryptocurrency market but cannot do it due to a lack of funds, the difficulty of setting up mining equipment, etc. The Electroneum network will allow any user to easily install one mobile application, which will contain almost all the advantages of the blockchain: decentralization, anonymity, cross-border transfers between countries, instant transactions.
  2. A familiar coin format using two decimal places. Unlike Bitcoin, the network will issue 21 billion coins. But at the same time, the ETN format will not be split into satoshi, since the developers find such a division inconvenient.
  3. The instantaneous nature of transactions is nothing new. At the same time, there are not so many decentralized applications that allow fulfilling anonymous transfers.
  4. Ability to make payments using the list of contacts.

Due to its appeal to mainstream users, it has received tremendous support in its niche. People are hoping that Electroneum can be the coin that will lead to the mass implementation of cryptocurrency via mobile facilities. ETN is not a revolutionary cryptocurrency that can be mined on the phone. But this fact did not prevent the project from enlisting the support of a sufficient number of users and miners in order to maintain the network.

Where to trade Electroneum?

There are over 100 different exchange services on the Internet where you can buy Bitcoins online with just a few clicks.

ETN tokens are currently available on Cryptopia and other platforms (Kucoin, Liquid, and others). In the future, the team hopes to list on Bittrex, Binance, and many more. Taking into consideration the trading volumes and the average cost of the Electroneum cryptocurrency, it can be sold on the Liquid, TradeOgre, Artis Turba with the highest rate and on the ProBit Exchange with the lowest rate respectively.

How and where to convert Electroneum (ETN) to Bitcoin (BTC) 

Godex as a client-oriented exchange service has set no limits for the transaction volume or number of any transactions per day or any other specified period. You can exchange absolutely any amount of more than 200 crypto coins.

In order to have an accurate idea of the value of your assets simultaneously in ETN and BTC, use Godex ETN to BTC calculator. You will get the current ETN to BTC price without unnecessary delays, without checking yourself. If some time has passed since the entry, the calculation can be repeated at the new current rate, simply by reloading the page. When the entered data is changed, the ETN to BTC converter displays automatically the best rate which is tracked on the reputable partners` platforms.


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