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Where to find out United Kingdom weather

Before going outside, people in every country in the world look through the weather forecast.

All you need to do to find out United Kingdom weather, is to visit a special information portal Meteoprog. Here, you can find a detailed weather forecast for any one of the British cities. The site publishes the following information:

  • average daily temperature;
  • humidity;
  • rainfall;
  • wind force and many other indicators.

Portal users can log in and follow the weather in selected cities.

In United Kingdom weather for city guests and capital residents will be rather warm. In London, the temperature won’t rise during the day, with the maximum level being around 15 degrees Celsius. At night time, the temperature may drop to +7 degrees. It will be mostly cloudy; the city dwellers won’t be able to enjoy the sun beams. There is high probability of rains, so you should take care of having an umbrella.

At the end of May, the weather will become a little worse across Britain, it may be rainy and a bit windy. Not to choose the wrong clothes, visit pages of the Meteoprog website and study the current weather forecast.

Bristol weather at the best weather forecasting website

In the south-west of England, there is a port city of Bristol. At the end of May, Bristol weather will bring citizens a slight cold snap and modest rains. The temperature will fluctuate around +14 degrees Celsius. The wind will rise and fall. The maximum wind force will be 7 m/s. The weather will remain mostly cloudy, but on some days city residents and visitors will be able to enjoy the sun beams.

To choose an outfit suitable for Bristol weather, it is recommended to check the weather forecast on a daily basis. You can find out whether you should take an umbrella or whether a light sun-protecting bucket hat will be enough. But you should not expect considerable warming. A high humidity level and frequent clouds can put the true fans of spring warmth out of humor.

The atmospheric pressure in Bristol city won’t affect the weather conditions, as it varies between 755-758 mm of mercury. Such pressure won’t affect the general condition of weather-sensitive British residents. Cool days won’t last long, but you shouldn’t rush to take off your jackets and hide your umbrellas. The index of ultraviolet radiation sticks to zero, and at the end of May, the sun won’t delight you with warm beams. To monitor weather changes, visit only trusted sites.


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