Where to Get a Subscriber Base for Bulk Mailing

Imagine that you are the owner of an online store of men’s shoes. You decided to launch an email campaign to increase sales: write about promotions on sneakers, recommend an extra pair of socks, present a new collection, etc. You have collected the customer base via the site, as well as bought some addresses on the Internet. The first newsletter gets into spam. Why? Let’s find out.

Correct Way to Make a Subscriber Base

Letters got into spam because you did not correctly collect the subscriber base. To send letters to people, one needs to get their consent. It is the main rule of any bulk mailing. Subscribers’ consent is required by law. It is also a requirement of all mailing services. Without the consent of subscribers, emails will end up in spam. Hurry up to check the spam blacklist on https://cleantalk.org/blacklists to make sure that your reputation can be fixed. Let’s start with ways that you should not use at all:

  • Buy a database. Even if you are offered a 100% valid subscriber base on your topic;
  • Collect a database from open sources. Open sources are social networks, forums, or other websites;
  • Add people from the Inbox folder to your mailing list. It also happens that everyone who once wrote to a corporate or personal mailbox is simply added to the database;
  • Use third-party software to find addresses. Such programs (parsers) look for addresses on websites and collect them into one database;
  • Automatically generate a database. The program creates random addresses and adds them to the database. The chance that such contacts will be real is very small.

In the purchased databases and bases from open sources, many invalid addresses appear, which contain typos or are abandoned by owners. Your letters will simply not be delivered to these emails. It is impossible to collect the target audience from open sources and purchased databases. The general public is unlikely to be interested in online web design courses or harvesting tractors.

Now, let’s talk about the methods you can use to get real subscribers:

  • Subscription form on the site. It can be static, pop-up, stick to the top of the page, or appear when the user wants to close the page;
  • Facebook subscription page. A subscription form pops up when you click on a button in a post;
  • Target landing page for collecting addresses. A landing page is a separate page where we can collect contacts. Landing pages are often created for a specific product or service.

In Conclusion

Many companies do not pay decent attention to the subscription form and make it very simple. But if you try to create a thoughtful form, devote more time to it, then the result will be very soon. Users will subscribe to the mailing list themselves so as not to miss updates.