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Where to hire a dedicated designer to complete UX/UI tasks

Investing in a dedicated designer is one of the wisest decisions you can make for your project. To make it good, you should know where to find this specialist. We’re here to help you! If you want to get the maximum from one specialist, we recommend requesting the service “hire a dedicated designer UX/UI.” In this post, we’ll explain how to do it in a smart way.

Why hire a UX/UI designer

The main reason why businesses hire a dedicated designer for UX/UI tasks is to elevate their products to the top level and gain a competitive advantage. In simple words, the role of design is to address the common perception of things, based on the principle “First you judge how nice, then you judge how wise.” With top service, your clients will fall in love with your service at first sight and stay by your side no matter what.

Why get a dedicated designer from LemApp

LemApp is a Ukrainian tech company that helps businesses worldwide (including Canada and the USA) to find digital specialists for their projects. From us, you can get top-qualified front-end and back-end developers. Also, we can source a dedicated UI/UX designer for you.

Our designing team’s mission is to curate an enhanced visual and graphical approach to make users happy. If you’re interested in getting highly interactive and affordable layouts, don’t hesitate to reach us! Our specialists craft user-friendly interfaces that guide users through a meaningful and adequate experience.

Hire UI/UX designers from LemApp for these services:

  1. Web app UI design — common with the service delivered by a web designer. However, an app has some specific elements like contact form, chat, ability to make a call, and appealing testimonials,
  2. Mobile app UI design — creating clear and consistent models with visible needed options and free of mistakes,
  3. Responsive design — making multi-screen solutions with the flow, relative units, and nested objects,
  4. Adaptive design — creating separate static pages that will fit each individual screen size,
  5. Corporate identity — designing your brand story, attributes, and positioning.

Hire LemApp designers to get high-quality solutions. Our specialists are truly passionate and possess the required technical skills, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge. Contact us today to improve the user experience and satisfy all the needs of your clients!