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Which Casino Game is Right for You?

Whether passing the time or looking to develop a skill set, playing casino games is a popular pastime. Around the world, 1.6 billion people game regularly, while 4.2 billion get in on the action at least once a year, according to a UK casino study.

Since the emergence of online gaming platforms in the late 90s and their popularization worldwide in the past decade, more people are trying their luck with fun and dynamic games.

Newcomers to the industry may not know where to jump in. After all, some games require a mathematical mind, while others are most about socializing with friends.


Now more than ever, poker is enjoying its heyday in mainstream culture. Those who haven’t played the card game likely still know it’s associated with bluffing and reading opponents just as much as it is the cards.

Depending on the variation (with stud poker and Texas Hold’Em is the most popular), players need to understand card worth and how combinations fit together. Those who excel at gauging probabilities will also find poker to be a worthwhile engagement.

Given the popularity, poker is also a tantalizing career move for many. Those who can find their footing with Bitcoin can also use cryptocurrency to play in some online arenas.


Since 2004, the number of online bingo providers has ballooned from 20 to 350 in the UK alone. While the in-person bingo experience remains popular (especially amongst older generations), the shift to online formats is gaining speed with platforms that offer a wide variety of themed bingo games and prizes. Some platforms even fill in bingo cards for users, allowing them to chat with others during play.

Bingo is an ideal game for those that like to challenge their skills of attention. Though it’s possible to play alone, many people play with others, which means multi-tasking and being sure of the ‘bingo!’ call makes for a champion player.


Unlike roulette, this game of chance is usually played alone. Whether sitting at a brick-and-mortar casino or playing online, recent studies show that people play slots for a variety of reasons, including both relaxation or excitement.

Slots is a great game for anyone who likes a sense of chance whether or not money is involved. Many slots machines and websites offer a wide variety of themed slot games, which add an element of storytelling as players look to build toward a jackpot win.


Much like poker, blackjack is a card game with a numbers-based set of rules. Those who enjoy the game excel at calculating probabilities or at least trying their hand at predicting what cards are still in the deck as they build toward 21.

Blackjack usually moves faster than poker, which means players need to think on their feet as they assess their own cards, opponents’ cards, and house cards. Poker is ideal for someone who can read other players, while blackjack caters to those who enjoy theory and strategy.

With both poker and blackjack, practice makes perfect. Online settings help players learn rules and develop basic skills, while in-person experiences test what they’ve learned in a quick-paced setting.


Roulette, much like slots and bingo, is a game of chance with a few extra elements thrown in. While it’s possible to play roulette online with the same random number generators (RNGs) used to regulate slots and bingo online, the in-person experience is often exciting.

Roulette tables are rowdy—or so they’re portrayed in films like Casablanca and Run Lola Run, much like a craps table appears in a film like Rush Hour II. Given the element of chance and the spinning wheel, roulette is attractive to players who like excitement in a group setting.

The strategy behind roulette is fairly straightforward, which means jumping into the game for a newcomer isn’t as time-consuming as it is for blackjack and poker.


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