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Which crypto tax software solutions are considered best?

For tax purposes, keeping track of your crypto activities can be very difficult. From mining to trading, you need to report to the IRS each crypto transaction you generate. This is a great deal of data to retain.

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Fortunately, there is something available that can help, i.e., you will get ready-to-file forms and automate this laborious task by utilizing the perfect crypto tax software. Let’s take a look at a few options for crypto tax software.


CoinLedger is a great crypto tax calculator which will enable you to crunch all of the figures for your crypto dues and convert them into accounts you can file with the IRS. It will supply you with all of the documents you require.

It will additionally enable you to produce the IRS 8949 form, long-term and short-sales reports, crypto cash flow reports, overseas gain, or loss reports, along with a lot more. The application includes tax loss harvesting, which happens to be an excellent feature.

The information supplied by CoinLedger is quite accurate and extremely user-friendly. It’s coupled with TaxDirect and TurboTax, and the top ten crypto exchanges as well as wallets. It may help support transactions on the ETH blockchain as well as NFT.

You will be able to get this calculator free of charge, and the cost is quite economical.


Another superb part of the crypto tax software program you could rely on together with your taxes is TokenTax. This particular program can accept a huge number of crypto tax returns, which includes the IRS Form 8949, and flip it on for you.

Additionally, it can support a crypto income tax, produce cryptocurrency audit trails, and also offer international gain or loss reports.

It may additionally assist with tax loss harvesting and also provides margin trading assistance, along with others. One thing that sets TokenTax apart from the other crypto tax firms is the fact that it offers tax preparation services.

You can depend not merely on its software but additionally on its cryptocurrency tax-submitting staff.


Another excellent selection with these systems will be Bear. Tax, which will help you calculate your fees.

It features all of the attributes you must have to compute your crypto taxation.

From here it presses the gotten info via top-of-the-line gain or loss calculators. Its smart matching algorithm will enable you to find transactions that aren’t taxed and add them to your general reports instead of just attaching them to them.

Additionally, it offers the most historical price you can get. It is a characteristic that separates it from its competitors. With regards to cryptocurrency taxes, it is going to be a reassurance to notice expert traders utilizing it.

This particular application may be used by tax advisors along with other workers that wish to enhance their effectiveness while taking on additional clients as well as crypto taxes.


This’s a really easy program for computing your taxes and is probably the most affordable. This’s a crypto tax software program.

Bitcoin taxes enable you to compute your capital gains, import your transactions out of nearly any widely used exchange as well as export them in the format you require to file your Taxes.

Additionally, you will discover that their site offers answers to your inquiries and concerns.

It includes multi-year assistance for professionals and accountants and includes helpful bundles for tax accountants and professionals. If we say inexpensive pricing, we suggest you can cover as many as twenty transactions free of charge.

In contrast to many other companies, there’re not any limits on the number of activities or transactions when utilizing the no-cost plan.


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