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Which Is Better – Lighting Furniture Or Ground Garden Lights

Lighting up a garden, making it look pretty, full of ambient, indirect light is not always easy, especially when you are not sure what exactly to choose from. There are two very popular and different choices that span the entire spectrum of the garden design industry – the light-up furniture and ground-based garden lighting – we’re going to discuss them today.

What both of these provide you with and why choose any of them

With so many backyard garden lighting choices, it’s no wonder that people are looking up articles like these, just so they can be better informed. The goal of this article is to provide context and to explain a bit more about the lighting options which are available, particularly the furniture and ground-based lights.

What are the benefits of light-up furniture?

Light-up furniture straight up looks cool, especially in a party or social setting. Aside from being actual furniture which you can put pillows and blankets on, it also provides ambient lighting which greatly differs from the sort of light which garden light fixtures provide.

A good example of a great selection of these types of furniture is the catalogs over at, which provide plenty of options including pots for plating, stools, and armchairs. This means that you can arrange a beautiful garden in a way that will suit your design needs and you actually have the choice to make it look different.

One thing that greatly separates this type of furniture lighting from other sources, is that it gives off the vibe of lighting coming from within rather than for somewhere outside. However, one issue is that the intensity is not that great and understandably so – you don’t want to get blinded by your chair, right?

What are the benefits of ground garden lights?

There are many great things about lamp post-based garden lighting, with one of them being that they produce quite a lot of direct light which they disperse evenly. The amount of light produced depends on the type of bulb as well as what the light can handle and is designed for – some can do more intense and high voltage currents, others are gentler and require smaller bulbs.

Lamp posts require that you dig a hole or at least have a place where they can get to an electrical outlet or the power circuit in any other safe way. There are some cases where there are pole and skewer-based posts that can be easily put into the ground without having to poor concrete or create any sort of stable base.

There are also solar-powered variations of these which are absolutely independent and only require that you place them in a relatively sunny spot. They are not as intense, but what they lack in Lumens they more than make up in mobility, adjustability, and energy-saving options.

You can also go for a combination of light-up furniture and lamp posts, however, keep in mind that both need a direct link to the power grind and cannot operate separately so you’ll need those extension cords.