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Which perfume suits your personality? High achievers want woody scents, says celebrity psychologist

The perfect perfume for YOUR personality: Psychologist reveals how scents appeal to different characters – including woody notes for determined high achievers

  • Celebrity psychologist Jo Hemmings explores personality and favoured perfume
  • She said different smells suit different people based on who they are as a person
  • People subconsciously choose a scent that reflects the personality they want
  • High achievers want woody perfumes and outgoing people like vanilla, she says 

Different personality types find themselves attracted to different scents, a celebrity psychologist revealed. 

British behavioural expert Jo Hemmings explained people are known to subconsciously choose a perfume or aftershave that reflects their character, or the person they want to be.

High achievers prefer woody perfumes, for example, because they are powerful and long-lasting, which suits their own determined character. Meanwhile strong-minded people might be drawn to zesty scents that reflect their own peppy personality.

Jo who has teamed up with The Perfume Shop for Valentine’s Day told FEMAIL: ‘Some people want to be remembered by their scent, they want to move into a room and leave a trail behind them, and others want something light and fresh and barely noticeable. 

‘We can use scent to our advantage on a much more conscious level, choosing a fragrance which either matches our personality or portrays personality traits that we would like to project. I think you can learn something about yourself from what you wear.’ 

See which perfume best suits your personality below… 


FOR HER: Tom Ford White Patchouli EDP For Her 50ml £83.00

High achieving men could choose Dior Sauvage, worth £74, and women should go for Tom Ford White Patchouli – priced at £83

This personality type prefers woody perfumes which are warm and earthy, with notes such as cedar, leather, sandalwood or patchouli, woody perfumes. 

They have high expectations of themselves and others and want a high performing perfume too.  


FOR HER: DKNY Be Delicious EDP 50ml £55

FOR HIM: Gucci Guilty Love Pour Homme EDT 50ml £55.00

For the strong-minded person in your life think about zesty scents like the DKNY Be Delicious perfume, for her, or the Gucci Guilty Love Pour Homme, for him

If you know an ambitious natural leader, or someone younger, energetic or sporty, they might fall for a fruity perfume, often with citrusy and spicy tones, of lime, lemon or bergamot. 

They smell zesty and so suit people with a similar zest for life. 


FOR HER: Caroline Herrera Good Girl EDP  30ml £44.50

FOR HIM: Tom Ford Noir EDP 50ml £79.00

These oriental perfumes are ideal for people who love meeting new people. Try Caroline Herrera Good Girl for her, and Tom Ford Noir for him

Bold individuals who like to be noticed will often choose something sexy and sensual, containing vanilla, exotic flowers and eastern spices. 

People who like oriental perfumes are likely to be extroverted, enjoy meeting new people and maybe the life and soul of any party.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Daze EDT for Her 50ml £59.00

Miss Dior EDP for Her 50ml £73.00

More feminine floral fragrances are attractive to sensitive souls. Often containing sweet-smelling flowers like jasmine and gardenia

If someone is romantic, sensitive and gentle, they are likely to be attracted to floral-based scents. 

These scents, often contain sweet-smelling flowers like irises, gardenia and jasmine, are for those who enjoy safe, secure relationships and are loyal friends. 


FOR HIM: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDP 50ml £79.00

FOR HER: Elizabeth Arden Green Tea EDT 100ml £14.99

Try a strong and bold earthy scent if you’re a spontaneous, provocative type. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver for him, or Elizabeth Arden Green Tea for her

Those spontaneous, provocative types with a great sense of fun often go for green perfumes, containing earthy base notes of cut grass, rhubarb, amber or vetiver. 

They are strong and bold scents, suiting those who like the outdoors.

… And the scents that are LEAST appealing to potential partners

Despite this excellent advice, not all scents are sure to be a hit. 

Research by UK-based company found 71 per cent of people wouldn’t date someone if they didn’t like their perfume.  

When asked what puts people off a particular smell in a prospective partner, the most popular answer was because their mother, father, mother-in-law or teacher used to wear it. 

That the smell reminds them of an ex boyfriend or girlfriend was the next top reason. 

Here are the scents that performed least well in the survey of 2,000 people. 

Old Spice, £9.60, 150ml

Avon Crystal Aura, £82.70, 50ml (discontinued)

The now discontinued Avon Crystal Aura, £82.70, 50ml and Old Spice, £9.60, 150ml, did not come out of the survey well

Look by Vera Wang, £49.99, 100ml, was voted one of the least attractive scents

Look by Vera Wang, £49.99, 100ml, was voted one of the least attractive scents

Lily Of The Valley by Yardley, £12.74, 125ml

Cartier Santos, £90, 100ml

Lily Of The Valley by Yardley, £12.74, 125ml and Cartier Santos, £90, 100ml were also voted the most off putting perfumes


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