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Who Are The Wealthiest Gamblers And Their Net Worth?

As a casino game player, you probably want to know about those who came before you and reached success. Just knowing this information can help boost your confidence when you are at your lowest point. Many people have gained success and stardom by playing casino games. You too can follow in the same footsteps if you play your cards right. But, in the meantime, you should learn about the wealthiest gamblers and what they are estimated to be worth right now.

Edward E. Thorp

Edward E. Thorp is the inventor of “card counting”. The Chicagoan attended UCLA and earned a Ph.D. in maths before he started working as a professor. Thorp took his skills and knowledge and applied it toward creating a technique that is now known as “card counting”. The technique is specifically designed for gamblers who want to improve their odds of winning.

Thorp put his new technique to the test in Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe before it was determined that it really worked. After reaching success with his state-of-the-art card-counting scheme, Thorp decided to write a book to help other gamblers reach success as well.

Bill Benter

Bill Benter is a common name spoken all over American casinos. Benter combined special analytics and math to reach success in a land-based casino. The Pennsylvanian was born in 1957. At a young age, it was determined that Benter was a “mathematical genius”. He attended college, building his mathematical skills, so he could one day put them to the test in Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, Benter applied his skills and knowledge to win big in blackjack. It did not take long before Benter became known for his ability to crack the blackjack game. Within seven years, Benter was being banned from entering casinos in Sin City and beyond.

Many of Benter’s fans wonder if he could do the same with baccarat online, as the two games are very similar. Of course, no one will ever know because Benter has a new interest in creating software for online casino platforms.

Zelijko Ranogajec

While Benter and Thorp are common household names in the United States, Zelijko Ranogajec is a different story. Ranogajec was born to Croatian immigrant parents, which gave him the push needed to reach success in the gambling industry. It is believed that Ranogajec has a photographic memory and amazing math skills.

Ranogajec finally got the opportunity to put his skills to the test. And, did he ever put them to the test. He won seven figures on a single $100 wager. Now, that is pretty amazing when you think about it. His success didn’t stop there. He went on to win a lot of money, gaining the attention of several casinos in Australia. He was later banned from these casinos but this didn’t stop him from pushing forward. He went on to utilize his skills in horse betting. Rumors have it that Ranogajec was successful in this industry as well.

It is reported that Ranogajec is a billionaire in his own way. After reaching success, Ranogajec tries to stay off the radar as much as possible.