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Who is Elliot Spencer? Stephen Fry’s husband revealed

Stephen Fry is leaning on his loved ones, specifically his husband, in the wake of his prostate cancer diagnosis.

The British entertainer shared the frightening news on his website on Friday, revealing that he’d undergone surgery to have his prostate removed in January and was in the recovery process. Fry, 60, said his husband, Elliot Spencer, 27, has been a great support during this difficult time, adding that the process has been ‘undignified and unfortunate’.

Fry and Spencer, who married in 2015 amid much buzz, have kept a low profile throughout their relationship. Their courtship, which is believed to have lasted about a year before they decided to wed, drew a lot of attention due to the nearly three-decade age gap between them. They proceeded anyway and have been quietly enjoying married life ever since.

So what do you need to know about Elliot Spencer?

Stephen Fry is relying on the support of husband Elliot Spencer after his cancer diagnosis

Who is Elliot Spencer?

Elliot Spencer is a photographer and comedian from Dereham, United Kingdom. His parents’ names are Robert and Melinda Spencer.

A glimpse at his social media accounts suggests he’s a big fan of music and often attends concerts. On February 21 he shared a photo from a recent Kendrick Lamar show, praising the rapper’s ‘great’ performance.

Spencer also appears to travel often. In December 2017 he shared a photo from the Arctic Circle. Preceding the snapshot were several photos of sled dogs and snowy scenes. He and Fry appear to have visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona together in July 2017. Spencer tweeted a photo of the couple before the natural phenomena.

Elliot Spencer age

Elliot Spencer is 27 years old, nearly 30 years younger than his husband.

Stephen Fry, Elliot Spencer relationship

Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer met in 2012, according to Mirror U.K. They were introduced by friends at a house party. They began dating shortly after meeting and were spotted spending time together often. They were seen at the Savoy Hotel in London and the Ascot racecourse in Berkshire, England.

They’ve remained private about much of their relationship. Spencer has shared a few photos of the two together on social media, but Fry’s appears to be dedicated to work, sights and the occasional photo of himself.

Both Fry and Elliot have spoken with relative openness about their marriage, however. In 2015, Spencer told Mirror U.K., ‘Humour is the key to everything. We laugh all the time.’

‘Humour is the binding thing in our life. I think that’s what brought us together,’ Spencer added.

Stephen Fry net worth

According to The Richest, Stephen Fry’s net worth is $30 million. He made his money through a number of means including acting, writing and working as a journalist. Find out more about his net worth here.


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