Who Was I in My Past Life? What You Can Learn in Past Life Regression

What does past life regression therapy have to offer you? If you wonder, “Who was I in my past life?,” it may provide answers. Here’s what else you can learn.

You are not just the person you are right now. Medical science and research into genetics have been uncovering new truths about what makes us us for decades.

Certain encoding in DNA comes from our day to day experiences and other parts are a mixture of the past and happenstance. It’s no wonder people are more prone to ask, “Who was I in my past life?”

Some interesting ideas can be learned about how the current global population, and its shift towards the developing world, will impact the future of past lives. The growth of the developing world is higher, meaning that more soul memories will be translated in the future.

With so much buzz about how past lives can be experienced, how do you learn more? Read on to find out.

Who Was I in My Past Life?

The question at the core of the past life regression movement is larger than it looks. You aren’t so much asking just who you were, but who that ‘were’ makes you now.

You don’t ask about past lives to think about your role in the past but to give context to your role in the present.

To find these answers you need to understand something about how your brain goes about answering questions. It’s becoming well-understood that your brain makes decisions before it lets you in on the answer.

To find your past life, you only need to remove the barriers between your instinctual response (the true you) and the filters and biases that shape your outward affect.

Role of Regression Therapy

Unlearning a habit, suffice it to say, is a lot harder than learning one. You have years of being the current you, shaped by the your current environment and influences standing between you and your past.

In regression therapy, a practitioner uses hypnosis, talking, role leading and other techniques to help you shed these layers. As you peel back the modern influences, you are more able to see the past.

One reason that group sessions work well for this is that you can pick up on the pathways and energy others express. This creates a kind of guidebook for you to travel with.

To see how a group session works click over here to read more now.

Redefining Us

The current population trend is important to understanding something about your past as a species. The reason that so many people have past life experiences of significant figures and moments is rooted in this trend.

Our lives tend to have a flow, from simple to complex. We then return, looping the cycle.

You are not likely to remember a lot about the days you spent in the office or at home, those days blend into each other. It’s the same for days spent working in a field or fishing in a village. You remember the highlights of your current life, there’s no reason you wouldn’t also remember the highlights of a past life.

Be More

Learning about your past helps you to be a better person today. The seeking of “Who was I in my past life?” is one more way to learn from the experiences of others. Who better to give you insight on what to do now than you?

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