Who will be the most creative nail artist in the world?

In a few days, more precisely on February 15th, 2021, we will find out who will win the title of the Most Creative Nail Artist in the world.
World competition is still ongoing in which top artists from all over the world are participating. These artists were given a very difficult task. They are asked to step out of the box, break all known rules, and express their creativity, innovation, by making a set of handmade nails and accessories, in accordance with the given theme “Black Diamond”.

On February 6th, the works of the contestants flooded social networks. The contestants fulfilled this difficult task and showed something never seen before in the world of nails.

The organizer of this amazing competition is the cosmetic brand for nails, Kostka Nail System. The judging is still ongoing, and the team of judges consists of carefully selected artists, who are the best in their field. 9 judges, from 8 different countries, will face a very difficult task before them: how to measure creativity?

We asked this question to a famous artist, Kostka Bojana, from whom this whole idea started. Bojana is the founder of the Kostka Nail.

System brand, which organizes this competition. The judges who will participate in the selection of the Most Creative Nail Artist in the world are the main representatives, in their countries, of this brand, which Bojana has carefully chosen.

“The members of my team are very carefully selected, based on their personality, creativity, technical abilities. I am very proud of each of them. I consider them real artists, people who are primarily innovative, creative, different, yet highly professional. These people are highly respected by us and actively participate in decisions concerning the brand, “said Bojana.

This competition is of a humanitarian character. In order to exercise the right to participate, the contestants had to donate money to the humanitarian organization for help and protection of animal rights “Levijatan”, and the main prize is an educational seminar

“Competition Poster” which will be held by Bojana Kostka, plane tickets, hotel, and all accompanying costs.
Stay tuned, because we will soon be announcing the Most Creative Nail Artist in the World!