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Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Dawn, 59, and Alan, 63

Recently, we sent Alan Uridge on a blind date — but he and his match Lesley didn’t see eye to eye.

Luckily, when she read his story in the paper, Dawn McEvoy decided she’d like to meet him and wrote in to tell us.

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So, this week, Alan had dinner with Dawn at The Pipe and Glass in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Alan, 63, lives in York. He’s a part-time gardener and has been married twice. Dawn, 59, works in a gift shop and also lives in East Yorkshire.

Dawn McEvoy, 59, (pictured) lives in East Yorkshire and works in a gift shop


I’m usually quite shy and reserved, so I’m not sure what made me write in when I saw Alan in the Daily Mail.

I just thought he looked lovely and I liked the things he said, so I wrote in to see if he would like a date with me!

Then I started to feel a bit worried about what I’d done, so I arrived early and had a quick drink to calm my nerves. I was actually reading the menu when Alan arrived at the table. He looked a little different, as he was wearing glasses, but he came across as really warm, friendly and lovely.

I’ve always liked men who are gentlemanly, kind and honest with a good sense of humour — and ideally, who look a bit like George Clooney! I’m told I look in my mid 40s, and I want to meet someone who also looks good for their age, as Alan did in his pictures.

When we met, it didn’t feel like talking to a complete stranger — more like seeing someone I already knew well. It was strange how comfortable we immediately were. We had so much in common and we just clicked!

We talked about our mutual love of gardening, then got talking about politics which I don’t normally do, but luckily we seemed to agree on everything.

I like to get to know someone before making up my mind about a second date, so I didn’t really focus too much on the romantic aspect of the evening or flirting. Still, it felt really good, and in fact we didn’t realise the time and were the very last to leave the restaurant.

I had chosen the venue, and when Alan arrived he mentioned that he thought it was a little out of the way — but then when he saw it, he decided it was worth it. It was so romantic and cosy and we both had the same meal, guinea fowl, with a bottle of wine, desserts and coffee.

Near the end of the meal I saw a slip of paper on the table and I asked if the waiter had dropped it. But Alan said no, it was his number and he’d really like to see me again. As we parted he gave me a kiss on the lips, which was lovely.

My youngest daughter, Charlotte, came to pick me up and he introduced himself. They got on really well! She was delighted I finally liked someone. She says I’m too fussy normally!

It’s true that I’ve been single for about two years now. I divorced young, in my 30s, and have had a few relationships since, but haven’t been actively dating for some time. I have three grown-up daughters, the youngest of whom is now at university, so it’s finally a good time to try to meet someone.

How do you step out of the comfort zone? 

Thinking of stepping out of your comfort zone?

Go for it, says Dating Doctor Alana Kirk. . .

  • Being brave can be liberating. Often it’s just habit that keeps us in a dating rut.
  • If you like someone, tell them. Games are for children and dating is for adults.
  • Still , don’t be afraid to take time to get to know someone.

I’m active and love music and dancing. I enjoy eating out, the cinema, the gym and keeping fit, and take a keen interest in interior design and gardening, so I want someone to share that with. When I looked at Alan in the paper I thought he looked really good. I can’t believe I wrote in, but I’m so glad I did.

When I got home I texted him to thank him for a lovely evening, and he texted me back and said: ‘I look forward to seeing you again.’ So I’m excited to see what happens next time!

LIKED? He was really attractive, smart and genuine.





Alan Uridge, 63, (pictured) is a gardener who lives in York

Alan Uridge, 63, (pictured) is a gardener who lives in York

My last date didn’t go too well. Lesley was a lovely person, but we just didn’t click and I was really disappointed. It’s hard to meet people at our age I think, and I’m not into online dating. So I was really flattered when I was told a lovely lady had written in to the Daily Mail after reading about me.

When I saw a picture of Dawn, I felt she was exactly my type so I was really looking forward to the date, although I was actually more nervous than the first time, because I knew more about her and knew I wanted it to work.

When I arrived she was already at the table and I instantly knew I was attracted to her. We clicked, and never stopped talking or laughing. I’m most attracted to a woman who is happy being feminine, who plays to her strengths and can take a bit of banter. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about Dawn.

She had read from my last date that I liked Donald Trump and she does too, so we had a laugh about that, and we seemed to agree about lots of things.

When we started talking about our childhoods, it seemed we had similar experiences there, too.

I felt there was a strong chemistry, and I felt relaxed about flirting a bit, touching her arm and smiling — we had lots of eye contact. We laughed about us eating so much garlic, there’d be no kissing later!

On the way to the restaurant I was thinking it was a weird choice being so out in the sticks for a first date, but when I got there I thought ‘Wow’. It was perfect, so romantic.

The fact that she had written in about me gave me the confidence to give her my number, which I haven’t done to anyone for about three years! I’ve been married twice but had no real relationship since 2014.

I thought things were going very well and my gut instinct was yes, this is it.

I don’t often get those feelings so I didn’t want to be coy about it. Dawn can hold a conversation and have a laugh, we had similar interests and our lifestyles are quite similar, too.

I try to stay fit and healthy and I can see she does too — she looks great for her age.

We walked outside holding hands, and I said hello to her daughter. I laughed with her a bit, and she said we were well suited!

I had wanted to kiss Dawn in the restaurant, but couldn’t find the courage, so I gave her a kiss as she got into the car, and it was great.

I couldn’t fault the evening, and then she texted me when she got home, so I told her I was looking forward to meeting her again. I don’t want to play games.

I knew straight away that we clicked, and I want to see how that develops.

LIKED? Very attractive, well-dressed and a great personality.



VERDICT: 10/10


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