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Why Are Bed Bugs Annoying and So Hard to Eliminate?

It will depend on an individual’s perspective, but if you take a neutral look, it could be contentious. Are bed bugs harmful? Not really, but they are nagging and, to an extent, not welcome to people who love comfortability. If you want to get rid of them completely, you should reach out to A1 Bed Bug Exterminator in Syracuse. Here are things you need to know about bed bugs.

Dealing with Bed Bug Bites

A bed bug bite can make you paranoid about entirely everything. You’ll be doubting everyone else and the surfaces you come across; wherever you go and wherever you sit will be your first suspect. If the first bed bug in your apartment was brought by a friend, you might stop inviting friends over due to the fear that any of them might bring another bed bug to your house.

Bed bugs’ bruises affect each individual differently; to some people, it may cause allergic reactions that may require a doctors’ attention. For other people, it may be physical torture and routine disturbance. You may even suffer from restlessness because of bed bugs, and you understand how insomnia can ruin your life. The small red marks on the skin are very itchy and can make anyone uncomfortable. Having to scratch the affected area over and over may also cause serious bacterial infections that may be costly to treat; because you financially never planned for such a situation to happen.

Dealing With Bed bugs at Home

Bed bugs survive by feeding on human blood at night when you are asleep. They move around from uncovered body parts feeding on blood and like hiding in the joint of your trouser and pajamas. The bed bugs can also hide your mattress enclosures, near the bed frames, in pockets, and any other dark place around your sleeping area. If you live in your own home, you should work with a bed bug exterminator to help you inspect your home and prevent future pest infestations. If you live in a rented apartment, it’s good to communicate with your landlord to organize a reliable bed bug company to eliminate the pests. And if possible, regular inspection should be conducted to avoid future reoccurrences. If not well treated at the first stage, bed bugs can quickly multiply and give you sleepless nights and distractions that will affect your daily life.

Dealing with the Itch from a Bed Bug Bite

If you have never had a bed bug experience, do you remember your nuisance friend? How did he or she make you feel, maybe nagging and annoying? Or problematic? Whichever way you felt, that is how it feels dealing with a bed bug infestation in your own home. Feeding on your blood and living under your roof – sounds like an intruder, right? They torment you emotionally, physically, and mentally. Mentally they can cause several problems that might lead to mental illness. Physically you can feel disturbed, provoked, and disorderly. Emotionally they can seize your sweet hours of sleep, and you may end up stressed.

The most common effect of bed bugs is itching the bed bug bites. People have different skin types that may take several indications and different times to show the bed bug bruises. To some people, the welts may take 14 days to show some signs, and others they wake up with red bumps all over their bodies. And others do not react at all.

If it happens to be your first time, you may confuse the bites with the mosquito bites since they look so familiar. To differentiate them, you’ll notice a small red mark on a zig-zag line that’s abnormally uncomfortable. The welts may stay as long as two weeks. The bruises tend to itch regularly, and one cannot stop itching. The bites are such a nuisance that when you think you are done scratching; they begin again. In such an irritated stage, you may get extremely annoyed, so while you continue scratching the area, it might be prone to damage, which may allow entry of disease-causing infections.


If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you need to stop scratching, and we recommend buying an over the counter cream to ease the pain. To know which cream or medication to buy, you can consult a doctor to help you buy the right prescription for your current situation. Our skins are different, and they react differently, and therefore, it’s wrong to ask a friend to recommend what they used. For your own well -being, before you notice small red marks on your body, do a regular bed bug inspection or even possibly hire a complete pest control service.


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