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Why Are Mountain Bikes So Expensive?

Over the last few years, the popularity of mountain bikes has increased as outdoor activity and entertainment.

A mountain bike is a best and most exciting way to enjoy the many health benefits like fitness and cardiovascular exercise that include improving heart health, less stress, brainpower, balance and coordination, enjoying nature, and sleeping better.

So, these benefits can make a mountain bike expensive.

However, below we mentioned some of the best reasons why mountain bikes are expensive and also about bikes. You have to read the article till the end to know everything about the bike. Now, let’s begin:-

What are Mountain Bikes?

A mountain bike is also known as an MTB or Mountain bicycle. This bike is designed for off-road cycling and it means to be long-lasting or harsh to ride from any irregular trails that make them heavier and less efficient.

You will get wide, flat handlebars to facilitate control and two-inches tires with a knobby tread. This bike is tough to pedal and sluggish on the pavement. Mountain bikes have a cushy ride, and an upright riding position, and can travel on any type of surface.

There are many best full suspension mountain bikes under $2000.

There are five different types of Mountain bikes:-

  • Cross country.
  • Trail riding.
  • All-mountain (also “Enduro”)

Reasons Why Mountain Bikes are Expensive

  • The expense of the Frame
  • Innovation in the Tires and Wheels
  • Limited Producers of Mountain Bike Components
  • High Price of a Disc Brake
  • Design Pattern
  • Better Riding Experience
  • Brand name
  • Labor cost

The Expense of the Frame.

The frame of the bike is the foundation of the bike and it is the most expensive component. The bike frame can be made up of Aluminium, alloys, carbon fiber, titanium, and galvanized steel. If you want your bike to be sturdy and light then aluminum and carbon fiber are the best.

Aluminum is cheap and most familiar or it has low absorption of road shocks and rough weather. Whereas, carbon fibers are highly safeguarded.

Innovation in the Tires and Wheels. Now, premium bikes come with tubeless tires that can remove the annoying hassle of a flat tire. With the innovation of lower rolling resistance, the seamless ride is more expensive.

Moreover, the carbon wheel is around $2000 and it has a higher thread per inch. The tubeless tire will prevent punctures and all these innovations are more expensive than older bikes but there are some best full suspension mountain bikes under $2000.

Limited Producers of Mountain Bike Components. There is a fundamental economy that says “ if in the market less no of the competition, then the product price is higher”.

The manufacturer has no need to lower the price to attract buyers because a customer has no other choice in the market. Other competitors purchase their drivetrain from the two companies like SRAM and Shimano.

High Price of a Disc Brake. This is the most important element of any mountain bike and an expensive one. So mountain bikes are used in all different types of terrain, and the brake of the bike has to be adaptable in all situations.

This will give you a smooth break-in in all terrains and weather conditions. Hydraulic disc brakes are a state-of-the-art revolution that allows you to go fast because they help you to make an instant break smoothly.

Design Pattern. Over the past few years, the technology of a bike changes a lot. Many riders need their bike to look cool but there are many boundaries and limitations that riders need to do with their bikes.

The demand for new technology grows faster and attracts new investments because entry-level cheap mountain bikes are better than high-end bikes. Nowadays, the competition is growing faster and the price also according to the development of all the required parts of bikes.

Better Riding Experience. The mountain bikes are designed for those who are adventurous and like to ride for entertainment & enjoyment. These bikes are not for use for daily and regular modes of transport. Also not intended for those uses.

Moreover, this bike has great quality components that are installed and gives you gear shifting without any hassle. You can ride this bike smoothly with the shock-absorption design and impact-resistant suspension.

If you don’t want to spend more then you can purchase the best full suspension mountain bike for under $1000 and still enjoy the ride.

Brand Name. If you are a beginner or don’t know anything about bikes then you can go with the leading brand name like Specialized and Trek that will offer you the best mountain bikes according to your choice. You can trust a leading brand and can give an extra dollar.

There are many manufacturers that spend more than 50 years in that industry and have invested in research and development on durability, speed, precision, and weight of the bike.

Labour Cost. There were more than 1500 workers hired by the industry to manufacture the minimum 15000 bikes in the market over a year.

The material uses to make bikes like carbon and aluminum that need to treat in their raw forms, the mixing of components, and molding in a frame. That needs a highly skilled or trained operator and their salary increase the cost of production.

There are many other staffers like prototyping, data testing, validation, and testing of the bike who need to be paid.

Final Word!

In this article, we have discussed why mountain bikes are so expensive. We hope that all the reasons mentioned above will be helpful for you and make you choose the best one for yourself.

Mountain bikes are more expensive than other ordinary bikes because these bikes offer you some unique features that help you to ride in all different types of terrain. Now, by reading the above reasons you can select yours and enjoy the ride.