Why Aussies are flocking to the ‘bluest water in the country’ for a dream holiday – and it’s the perfect spot in winter too

Travellers from Perth and all over Australia are in awe over the magical waters of this – and it’s also home to a colourful marine paradise.

Coral Bay in WA is located some 1,100km from Perth and its pristine coast winds along the ‘stunning natural beauty’ of the Ningaloo Reef (a natural heritage area) and draws in sun-seekers from Australia and all over the world.

The blue of the water is a beautiful and shocking contrast to the dry red dust of the dessert that envelopes you on your journey in.

Visitors to the bay are rewarded with water so pure, blue and teeming with stunning sea life – and with a water temperature that rarely drops below 20 degrees throughout the year, this is a perfect winter travel destination.

Wade through the deliciously warm waters of the shallows and you can expect to see curious manta rays and schools of fish darting around your wandering feet. 

Coral Bay in WA is a rich dreamscape of turquoise waters and sun-bleached sands

Coral Bay is located just over 1000km's from Perth but is well worth the drive up

Coral Bay is located just over 1000km’s from Perth but is well worth the drive up

Book a ‘highly recommended’ tour of the reef and arrange a snorkelling or diving session and you’ll be graced with some very special company.

Humpback whales, whale sharks, turtles, dugongs and dolphins and untold species of fish and coral move in a kaleidoscopic world of silent and vivid colour in the azure blue of the Ningaloo reef.

Those looking for a different sort of a rush can enjoy thrilling buggy tours over the undulating white sands that surround the bay.

The endless blue and white of Coral Bay

The famed sunset falling over a perfect beach day

The white sands are perfect for long strolls or chilled beach picnics 

The salty, warm waters are always a dream

Go out exploring further in the bay

Coral Bay is perfect even in winter with water temperatures never dropping below 20 degrees

Amazing sunsets give way to chill and fun evening vibes in the camp grounds with parents kicking bay while groups of children playing together in to the night.

With popular Bill’s Bar, Coral Resort Bakery and divine pizza and pasta at the Reef Cafe, it’s a relaxing and rewarding place to stop on your way further North, or just to linger for a lazy while.

Travellers can stay at cabins in one of the camp grounds or alternatively in caravans and tents on well serviced sites – the mood on the grounds is always communal, safe and festive and there are great jumping pillows and play areas for kids. 

Accommodation can book out well in advance, especially for cabins. But camping sites are often available on shorter notice.

The hugely popular fishing destination of Exmouth is only 150km northward with Broome further still, but if its blissful beaches and a magical holiday you’re looking for then Coral Bay is definitely where X marks the spot.

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