Why Australian shoppers are racing to get their hands on this ‘genius’ ceiling fan cleaner from Big W for summer

Shoppers are in a frenzy over a ‘game-changing’ new cleaning gadget from Big W.

Karen, from Sydney, revealed that her life was transformed after buying the Blade Maid Ceiling Fan Cleaner ($39.95).

The tool consists of a long pole attached to microfibre pads which latch onto a fan’s blades and clean all four sides at once – all without needing a ladder or chair to stand atop.

‘It was so quick to clean my fans today,’ she said. 

‘It collected all the dust and didn’t drop anything on the floor – but I do recommend having a towel underneath.’

Karen, from Sydney , revealed that her life was transformed after buying the Blade Maid Ceiling Fan Cleaner ($39.95)

Many thanked Karen for sharing her Big W discovery.

‘I got mine this morning it’s great!’ one said. ‘No more ladders – thanks.’

‘This is great for people who can’t climb a ladder anymore,’ a man wrote. ‘A much safer option – thank you for sharing.’ 

‘Best thing I ever bought. Makes it a lot easier and quicker, I absolutely love it,’ another said.

A woman shared: ‘Thank you so much, just ordered one online! I’m always getting up and using anti-bacterial wipes on the blades – this will save me time and back ache.’

But not everyone was on board with the new cleaning buy.

‘Too many gadgets when a bucket and cloth can do it,’ a woman said.

‘Just get a pillowcase! You can put the old pillowcase over each blade and wipe the dust into the pillow case, but you would need to go up a ladder to do this,’ one advised.

‘Buy blade covers. Best things ever! Saves cleaning – you take them off when they are dirty, throw them in the wash, and put them back on,’ a woman shared.

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