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Why Buying An Ergonomic Recliner Is Important For Your Health

More and more people tend to suffer from back pain or other related body pain issues these days mainly because people now spend more and more time seated in front of a computer than it was in the past. The advent of social media has led to a sharp increase in the number of hours people spend seating in a particular spot – whether on their phone or in front of a computer.

Humans are not created to be sedentary. Living a sedentary life brings about many health issues. For some, it is inevitable to sit for long hours in front of a computer or at a desk in their offices. For these people, regular exercise and ensuring they are using the right office chair is very important. This is where buying a good reclining chair or office chair is very important.

Reclining chairs are among the most comfortable chairs out there. They have delivered extreme comfort for almost a century hence are usually the best allies of their owners, both young and old.

Over the years, recliners have seen significant improvements thanks to the advancement of technology and trends. One of the most important improvements is the space-saving capability. Irrespective of the brand, recliners have some basic features while some brands include extra features to give users a better experience.

The most important consideration when buying a recliner is comfort. It should be a chair that has your back whenever you need it. Besides the question of how comfortable a recliner is, there are other key questions to answer.

Who Produces a Quality and Comfortable Recliner?

A variant of this question is where can I buy quality and comfortable gaming chair? The market is replete with different kinds of recliners from varying brands – La-z-boy, Ashley, Catnapper, flash Furniture, e.t.c. While this is a positive because it gives you options, it also makes the decision of which recliner to buy more difficult. It is imperative to emphasize quality because of the level of usage and movement recliners are subjected to. There are popular brands and there are also new brands.

Popular brands who are known for producing quality recliners are easy go-to but this isn’t to say you can’t get a better deal with newer brands. According to the team of experts at, checking the reviews of several recliners will help you to make a better decision when it comes to buying the right office chairs or chairs for any other purpose. By reading product reviews of any recliner you intend to buy, you are increasing your chances of avoiding fakes or low-quality chairs.

One plus is that if you take your time to do the right research before spending money, you stand a great chance of getting good, affordable, durable, and beautifully designed recliners for yourself.

What is the size of the recliner?

Having identified some quality and comfortable recliners, the next thing is the size of the recliner in relation to your size. No matter how comfortable a recliner is designed to be, if the size isn’t right for you, you can’t get the desired level of comfort. Recliners come in different sizes; go for one that will accommodate you comfortably. The specifications are clearly indicated by the manufacturers; check them very well before buying.

Another important aspect of size is in relation to your room. Recliners usually require more space but some types require less space such as wall hugger. If you have more space, you can go all out otherwise stick to a recliner with a leaner profile.

What type of recliner do you need?

There are several types of recliners, some of which may not be the best for you. Therefore, you have to evaluate which one is more suitable for you. They are typically categorized based on the numbers of their recline positions – two positions, three positions, and infinite positions.

What kind of upholstery do you want?

Leather recliners are the most popular but there are also microfiber options. As good and luxurious as leather recliners look, they are not very breathable hence may not be the best for people in a warmer climate or with sweating problems. Leather recliners are also easier to clean.

What additional features does it have?

When buying a recliner chair, you may want more than the basic features. In this case, check the number of additional features the chair has. Such features may include armrests and massage function, among others.

How much does the recliner cost?

Recliners usually come at a higher price because of the work and technology that are involved. Among these chairs, prices vary significantly. Some are twice as expensive as others depending on the brand and the features. If you want more features, you should be prepared to pay more. You should be able to get a good recliner between $800 and $2000.

Is style important?

Typically, you want a chair that will complement your theme. Fortunately, recliners have numerous designs and colors that it won’t be difficult to find one that fits perfectly. However, it is important not to place style above comfort and features. Once the questions of comfort and features are answered, you can then work on style.

Who should buy a recliner?

Often, people think recliners are for older folks but this isn’t true. Anyone who needs excellent back support that aligns with the natural curve of the spine should get a recliner. Nursing mothers, young, and elders.


Buying a quality and comfortable recliner involves a lot of details. It is imperative to carry out your research about the chair, including what other buyers have to say. Once you have selected the recliner to buy, make sure you only buy from trusted vendors. Some of the most important questions you need to answer are discussed above.