Why Cabo Is the Perfect Post-Covid Destination for Weddings & Vacations

With a full year of some form of lock-down and/or social distancing behind us, many people are itching to get back into that airplane seat again. Travel has been one of the most hard hit industries during the Covid-19 pandemic and, frankly, humans miss their excursions! If that sounds like you, the good news is that you can put Los Cabos, Mexico right at the top of your post-Covid travel list. With top of the line safety precautions in place, most travelers will feel about as safe as they can in the current environment. Here’s the low down on traveling or hosting a destination wedding in Cabo.

It’s Still Cabo!

With absolutely sublime weather, spectacular views and luxury at every turn; Cabo is still Cabo…regardless of Covid. Both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo remain a top premium destination for travelers that seek fine dining, unparalleled landscapes and upscale experiences.

Another tremendous benefit, when it comes to health and safety, is that Cabo was made for outdoor living. This allows visitors to escape enclosed spaces and breathe freely in the open air – making social distancing a lot easier.

What’s more, many hotel properties offer upgraded amenities to make social distancing effortless. For instance, Esperanza resort Cabo offers various Villa accommodations, some of which include a large, private terrace, fully equipped kitchen, private laundry facilities, dining room and individual plunge pool – allowing guests to completely avoid most public spaces. If you want to escape home, but aren’t yet ready to mingle with strangers, Cabo has plenty of options to satisfy your needs.

Airport Health Procedures

From the moment visitors land at the airport, the safety precautions take effect. When arriving and departing the airport, you’ll be provided a form that evaluates your travel activities and destinations. Your temperature will be taken as well  and all luggage will be sprayed with an antibacterial application. The city’s entry protocols are quite thorough.

Naturally, masks are required by all travelers inside the airport.

These added measures should give most tourists some peace of mind, knowing that extra steps are being taken to ensure all visitors safety.

Maximum Capacity is 40%

All public spaces throughout Los Cabos have a maximum capacity of 40%, preventing crowded spaces. This includes restaurants, shops, resorts, beaches, commercial offices and more.

Some larger establishments, like Costo, have additional limitations such as only permitting one person per family to shop in a given trip.

Exhaustive Anti-Bacterial & Early Detection Measures

Los Cabos has done its level best to disinfect at critical touchpoints. Here are a few measures you’ll find in place during your visit:

  • Social distancing countertop and floor markings and signs
  • Sanitizing stations in public spaces (bathrooms, restaurants, stores, hotels, offices)
  • Antibacterial spraying tunnels that disinfect as patrons walk through
  • Paperless menus accessed via mobile phone
  • Liquid disinfectant shoe mats

Guest temperatures are taken not only at the airport as mentioned above, but also at restaurants, hotels, shops, car rental, and any other offices. This is a preventative measure to catch early signs and slow spread. It’s nice to know that when you’re out dining, you won’t be in the presence of someone with a fever.

Mandatory Health & Safety Certification for All Businesses

Following the onset of the pandemic and being a highly coveted destination, Los Cabos instituted a mandatory health and safety training for all businesses, which is required before reopening after the initial lockdown was permitted.

This means that all public-facing businesses, from restaurant staff to the local Cabo San Lucas wedding planner must get trained and certified in proper health precautions before they can service customers. They will understand how to encourage proper hygiene in their establishment or among groups they are coordinating, as well as all other protocols required for safe experiences throughout Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.