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Why Cargo Barriers Are Essential

Cargo barriers often referred to as pet barriers or luggage barriers, are essential accessories required in a bigger vehicle, especially if the person toes cargo in their vehicles regularly.

Every vehicle with a free space in its interior can benefit from a cargo barrier- be it commercial trucks, SUVs, sedans, vans, or station wagons.

This article talks about the reasons why it is essential to install cargo barriers in your vehicles. However, before we go on to that, let’s briefly overview what a cargo barrier is.

What is a cargo barrier?

A cargo barrier is an accessory installed in a motor vehicle to aid safety to its occupants when they are driving with loads or pets at the back area of the vehicle. The main purpose of cargo barriers is to act as a barricade between the trunk area of the vehicle and its passenger area. It prevents the cargo from entering into the passenger area in case of a collision or even during normal circumstances.

They are often mounted in more than one posture inside an automobile, for instance, behind the front seats and behind the posterior seats. This enables the back seats to be doubled over, thus increasing the cargo space and providing safety to the driver or passenger at the same time.

Types of cargo barriers:

These are the major types of cargo barriers you can choose from:

  • Universal cargo barriers: These are the type of cargo barricades that can fit into most of the models of motor vehicles. They are easy to install and come at a very affordable price range. These types of cargo barriers are not considered to be of a very good fit because of their generic shape and size.
  • Custom-fit cargo barriers: Although a bit expensive compared to the universal cargo barriers, the custom-fit ones are ‘tailored’ to fit into any vehicle and can be customized as per the use so that they can have the capacity to secure any payload. Depending upon the type of vehicle and the number of barricades to be installed, they too can accommodate budgets most of the time.
  • Miscellaneous: Based on the type of vehicle you need the cargo barrier for and the material of the barrier, there are different types of barriers. For instance, there are full mesh barriers for vans, full mesh barriers for passenger vehicles, full polycarbonate barriers for better vision and enhanced air conditioning, a mesh cum polycarbonate barrier, offering a polycarbonate escape hatch in case of an emergency, vapour resistant barriers, conversion barriers, etc.

Main reasons for the installation of cargo barriers:

Safety: The first and foremost reason why the installation of cargo barriers is essential is to ensure that the passengers or the drivers are safe inside the vehicle, which is carrying goods that are above the height of the rear part of the seats. A cargo barrier ensures that even if you meet with extreme bumps on the roads, these items stay in the back of your seat and do not come and hit you.

For hauling loose heavy items: Considering that you are a contractor of some sort and it is a part of your daily job to haul loose tools and equipment which are otherwise way too large to be encased in any container, you might want to install cargo barriers in your vehicle with immediate effect. This way, if you have to come to an immediate halt or if there is any bump you come across, the tools and equipment will remain in the back. They won’t come tossing around in the passenger area of the vehicle, ensuring that you and the goods you are carrying are safe.

Ensuring safety from criminals: You will always see the police vans with cargo barriers between the driver area and the rear area where they keep the criminals while transporting them to and from the prison and the court. This ensures the safety of the policemen from the criminals who might try to harm them to get free and run away.

Barriers for family vehicles: For the family vehicles too, be it any vehicle, provided there is space in the rear area, installation of cargo barriers is essential for protecting your loose cargo or for preventing your pets from being thrown to the front area of the vehicle in case of a sudden halt or a major bump or some sort of accident. Some of the major reasons why it is essential to have cargo barriers installed in family vehicles are as below:

  • Ensuring the security of the pets.
  • Hauling of loose items.
  • Moving from one place to another, which is bound to have way too many items in the rear of your vehicle.
  • Travelling with luggage that goes higher than the back of your rear seat.
  • Grocery shopping.

Some pet owners also tend to install cargo barriers to prevent their pets from climbing to the cars’ front area, specifically to the driving seat on their laps while they’re driving. This can be quite dangerous to the driver’s life and those who are along with him in the car. Cargo barriers are the perfect options for those whose pets don’t like being kept in a pet carrier.

  • Cargo barriers for commercial vehicles: Commercial vehicles like taxis can often be seen with cargo barriers installed between the driver’s seat and the back seat. Commercial vehicles’ drivers need to install these barriers to prevent any sort of harm from a customer. Car cargo barriers prove to be of utmost importance for the cab drivers, protecting them from the passengers who might want to harm them potentially. This is why these vehicles can be seen with plexiglass or wire mesh barricades most of the time. This allows the drivers to see and listen to their passengers while remaining safe and unharmed.

There are several purposes that the cargo barriers can serve, and they are helpful to everyone, be it police vans, or commercial vehicles, bigger vehicles, or family automobiles. So get cargo barriers installed in your vehicles.