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Why Choose a Custom Theme Design When Planning WordPress Website

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So you’ve decided to create a website, what other tools to use when you have an excellent tool at your disposal? Not sure which one? Of course, it’s WordPress. The most efficient blog tool, publishing platform, and CMS on the internet currently.

After the plan to launch a website is made, the tricky decision left is to decide whether you go for a custom theme design or use the inbuilt WordPress templates. The choice can be made based on what fits best on your business scale, budget, and time.

The biggest reason to go for custom theme design is that they boast of a lot of potentials and the possibilities of creating something spectacular are endless. Because not only the lines of code are almost nil, you have the option of customizing more than just the look and feel of your website.

All WordPress themes are more or less the same. They offer some room for modification and they might differ from each other in navigation or User Interface to some extent, however, the embedded functionality doesn’t seem to vary much.

When it comes to custom themes, the unique UI and UX go a long way in contributing to brand development. The users will hold the experience of your website for longer than the normal and this would help in increased returning users, thus, laying foundations of brand loyalty.

But how to be sure it is the right choice for you? Why don’t we look at the most exceptional benefits of choosing custom theme design over WordPress theme? So here goes…

  • Pro 1: Adaptable and Flexible – Custom websites are vastly adaptable and flexible. You can easily design them according to both in terms of design and technical functionality to fit the bill. They are highly customizable and you get a chance of bringing all your fantasies to life. Your website could be anything you want it to be. Gradually as you business expands, your website will have to grow and adapt according to the latest trends and in this case, the process of updating is easier and seamlessly smooth without the need of large investments in the future.
  • Pro 2: Versatility– Beginning with nothing renders you an opportunity to be flexible. When you don’t have a preset frame, you can choose whatever suits your needs and works the best for your business. The layout isn’t limited to specific colors and designs. The only limitation is your imagination.
  • Pro 3: Uniqueness – The best reason for choosing the custom design is for their uniqueness. Your website would be one of a kind and no other rival business would display the same theme (unless they downright steal it!!). So it clearly gives you an upper hand in terms of setting yourself apart from the competition.
  • Pro 4: Specific Needs – Custom themes brag of custom functionality and adapts; suiting your need with ease. A custom theme site will have more support than a website created with ready-made themes.
  • Pro 5: More secured – Some pre-made themes, especially the free ones have dirty coding, which means that such sites are not exactly fraud-proof, and are harmful and might contain malicious codes or security loopholes; making them easily susceptible to hackers who can wreak havoc on your website affecting your business big time!

So there it is, in a nutshell; all the things that make the decision easier for you. Like a lot of other things,  custom theme design also has its set of cons as well like, investment, time consumption, bugs and maintenance. Eventually it all comes down to the things that suit you best, as not what worked for someone else would work for you as well.

You need not worry about getting your brains on it as various agencies offer WordPress web design services including HTMLPanda and can do the work for you in an affordable manner.  All the best creating your awesome website!!

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