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Why did Brendan Cole get sacked from Strictly? 

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 ‘Producers were said to be furious over his recent Sun interview, in which he criticised his celebrity partners.

He said: ‘I have not liked a few of them. It is more than 50 per cent of them I have liked. When you meet people and work with them you don’t necessarily like all of them.’ Adding: ‘Can I say that? I’m going to get fired, aren’t I?’

In October, Brendan took to Twitter to hit back at the judges who criticised his cha cha. He said: What I object to is belittling someone who has worked hard and is clearly upset at the situation. I have no time for negativity when someone is down!’

A month later, he hit back at head judge Shirley Ballas live on air for criticising his tango with Charlotte Hawkins. He said: ‘I was doing my job, I expected a little bit of positivity and I was fairly disappointed.’ Brendan was rumoured to be refusing to speak to Shirley backstage.

He told Lorraine in another interview that month: ‘ I unfortunately can’t control myself enough to [say my feelings] in the changing room, I have to do it live on-air. ‘It’s frustrating because I’m not a horrible person. I’m a very nice person – my wife will tell you! And my mum!’

Brendan and Charlotte were eliminated from the show in week four 


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